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Mobile Suits

This is the Mobile Suit page. All Suits come with space/land thrusters except the Dom, Leo(ground type),gun-tank, and water suits if you want a space of the dom and Leo GT get the Space type Leo and Rick-Dom 0079 suits are done Next is GW



G.M. (RGM-79 version): Alot better than the Zaku and the Earth Federations main suit it is a maassed prduced gundam copy but no where near as good as the gundam. It costs more because of higher demand. I suggest if you are just starting out buy this Mobile Suit unless you can't get enough money for it. It is know to be the "Blow Me Up"(BMU) suit Cost $8,000 Titanium:7,000 or $22,000 St:100 TR:150 MV:15 ED:250 Full Weight: 59.0t Total Height: 18.5m

Zaku 2: The best of the L.V. 1 Mobile Suits it is an updated version of the Zaku It is worth the most of these first these Suits its is 2nd on land only to the has a shield on its right shoulder and spikes on its left Cost $10,000 Titanium:8,000 or $26,000 St:150 TR:300 MV:30 ED:300 Full Weight: 75.0t Total Height: 17.5m Full Weight: 66.0t

Leo: A new-type Mobile Suit Its like a gm except stronger it has no built in shield but is worth the money.Cost $9,000 Titanium:6,000 or $21,000 St:150 TR:300 MV:20 ED:100

Dom: If you encounter this thing fly away. It cant really fly but it is hard to keep up with in a fight. This is the fastest land suit and could take on a couple G.M.'s it is also a very good close combate suit made famous by the black triad one of Zeons teams. Cost $15,000 Titanium:10,000 or $35,000 Full Weight: 82.0t Head Height: 18.6m St:95 TR:125 MV:100 ED:250 Lv 2 Required

Ares: This is an earth flight type mobile suit originaly seen in gundam wing it is the main mobile suit of oz's military.Cost $12,000 Titanium:8,000 or $28,000 St:120 Tr:500 Mv:10 Ed:150

Acguy: an amphibious mobile suit that has very good weapons built in it has a bea particale canon in its right arm and missiles in its left. $3,000 Titanium:2000 or $7,000. Land: St:420 TR:50 MV:5 DT:100 Water St:420 TR:300 MV:5 ED:100 Extra: 6-Tube Rocket Launcher Lv 2 Required

G.M. (Ground Type): This is another type of G.M. that is only fit for the ground it wont work in space unless you get the space upgrade it is a good suit. But it still the BMU suit. St:200 Tr:250 Mv: 25 ED:300 Total Height: 18.0m L.V. Requriement: 3 Cost: $20,000 Titanium:20,000 or Cost $60,000

Gelgoog: A couple steps up from the other suits. It is like a suped up Zaku 2 originaly made for char it is very strong fast and mobile. Full Weight: 73.0t Head Height: 19.2m St St:350 TR:500 MV:40 ED:400 Lv 4 Required Cost $25,000 Titanium:20,000 or $65,000

Gouf: Amother suped up Zaku 2. It is fast like the Dom yet not as good as the gelgoog.Total Height: 18.7m Full Weight: 75.0t St:300 TR:400 MV:90 ED:350 Lv 4 Required Cost: $30,000 Titanium:25,000 or Cost 80,000

"UPGRADE SUITS" (need to be level five or higher"

G.M. Custom: A Light blue Mobile suit that can be in space and land it resembles the G.M. a little but it isn't the same "blow me up" suit as before it is the "blow yo ass up" suit it can easily take on a zaku II in Combat This is a suit you will want to have.$40,000 tiatanium 50,000 or $100,000 height 18.5 m weight 60 tons

(stats pending level on all suits from herin)

Gun-Tank: Think of a mobile suit except the bottom is replaced with that of a tank. It looks weird, but has weapons built in where the arms are they are 2 Cannon's (180mm) and Quad Bopp Rocket Launcher (40mm). St:300 TR:400 MV:70 ED:500 Lv 5 Required

Gun Cannon: A Mobile suit with 2 cannons on the back looks like a gm only red. Total Height: 18.1m Full Weight: 70.0t Built In: Cannon 240mm St:500 TR:800 MV:40 ED:1000 Lv 7 Required

Zaku2 Commander: This is a Lunar Titanium Zaku 2 made for Char. St:750 TR:900 MV:70 ED:1500 Full Weight: 80.0t Total Height: 18.0m

Gelgoog Commander: This is a Lunar Titanium Gelgoog. Full Weight: 73.0t Head Height: 19.2m St St:850 TR:800 MV:60 ED:1000

Gundam(RX-78 Version): IT'S A GUNDAM!!! Its those words that strike fear into any pilot. It is the one of the best suits. St:1000 TR:1000 MV:65 ED:1300

Gundam Ground(RX-79G Version): IT'S ANOTHER GUNDAM!!! It is a type seen in 8th MS team. St:900 TR:950 MV:65 ED:1000

Gundam(RX-79GEZ-8 Version): ANOTHER GUNDAM, WHEN WILL THEY STOP?!? It is a type seen in the latter episodes of the 8th MS team. St:1100 TR:1000 MV:65 ED:1100


Purple Flame(PH- Ms 001): componts: two eyed zaku II head 2000 m sensor gundam type body body cockpit spike arms gundam type torso zaku type legs thrusters and royale purple paint Stats: St:500 TR:450 MV:40 ED:350 cost: $20,000 Titanium: 9,450 Requirments P.L.:3 and Bazzoka and Beam saber holders included.

The Black Death (PH - Ms 002A): Mars's Speicalized suit nicknamed black death because no one has survived it. Black suit with dark green eyes and a cape like on the Endless Waltz Version of the Sand rock. Can br used for low level protection. Componts: Two Eyed Gundam head 3000 Meter eye sensors Head cock pit Right arm:Sazabi Arm Left Arm: Spike Arm Gundam Type torso Gundam legs. Extra:20 thrusters, Funnel System, Gundam System, and Core System. Stats: St:120 TR:1550 MV:80 ED:1350

DeathScythe Hell (custom) (PH - Ms 002B): Hellfyre's second Customized suit Deep charcoal gray with blood red eyes and enourmous bat wings like on the deathscythe hell custom this is pretty much an exact replica only the weapons and armor are much better. Awsome Suit for any job... Componts: Two Eyed Gundam head 3000 Meter eye sensors head cock pit Right arm:Sazabi Arm Left Arm: Spike Arm Gundam Type torso Gundam legs. Extra:20 thrusters, Funnel System, Gundam System, and Core System. Stats: St:120 TR:1550 MV:80 ED:1350