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This is Gundam the rpg it is a mix of all the gundams. So far i have the 0079 up but the rest will come soon. If its 11:00PM EST itd be 10:00 PM CST and 8:00 PM Pacific. Hells Quote of the week "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."- Elbert Hubbard.

8-4-02hey there all its hellfyre i am going to restart this ramshackele arpg if you would like to keep your old stats or are quiting e-mail me at my new s/n i am also taking new mebers and i will restart it as gundam wing there will be a lot of work done so it will be finished in about 1 monthe-mail me in the next week with all your stats or if your quiting or i will erase your name

3-06-02 there will now be raids battles and takeovers @ 7,8,&9 on friday and saturday nights if you would llike a time slot e-mail me at

digital and i will give you the ref that will be there and the list of players playing thanks for your time Hellfyre

2-10-02 sorry there were no updates but here is one, this site is now fully operational for any and all that would like to join tell every one you know lets spread the word and get pepople to join tell your friends family starngers but heck lets make this good

1-8-02 happy new year from the new owner hellfyre there will be some small changes around here more messages ahead .

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