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Gohan And Goten's Dbz Rpg...Hearts Of Fate

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E-Mail The Owner Chibi Goten
Owner Gohan
Owner Chibi Gohan
LayOut Designer Jba

A Great FF rpg

If there is a opening For a staff member and your interested Come and email me...At goten

Gohan And Goten's Dbz Rpg...The Heart Of Fate

The Hearts Of Fate~Goten


I will Come and Ask you this question:Do you want a Tournement?

Hey April 26 is here and i am decided to open this rpg again... So Please join i have 200 people wanting to join right now...Ok well see ya i will update again

Remember To join when you first Come here...J/k Join when you feel like it...~Goten
We are getting more maijin People by the days...If you go maijin then You will have to vs me...Gohan and Chibi Gohan went maijin...But they have to be a little evil to go maijin?



4-26-02 Hello Updates!!!! I Have decided to open this rpg again...It will be fun dont worry i am gonna make all the pages the same layout so its easier and i am thinking of restarting the rpg to make it leveled

10-21-01 UPDATES!!! Sup...guess who's back peeps!'s Chibi Gohan as an owner again! Know what that means...DAILY UPDATES! I'm am sorry all...I am now Maijin. I don't know...but now Babidi and Buu are my masters! Well...there is only one word I have to say to everyone, "Train". Everyone start training cuz i hope this tourney will go on...This is Chibi Gohan...SIGNING OFF! ~CHIBI GOHAN
10-21-01 Updates!!!!!!!!!Well i added Maijin on the 4 people who turned maijin from Badibi.Only one with a huge gain is Vegeta...I will make a poll for if we want a tournement...Only vote 1 time People...I will ask you what you voted for so you cant vote 2 times hahahahah Good luck to all of you out there....Chibi Gohan and Gohan are owners again~Goten
10-17-01 Well...This is Goten i am Gonna be making Gohan and Chibi Gohan a Owner Again...Maybe Chibi Gohan because i am not sure if he will just erase my site...I heard someone say My site su**s well i am gonna be working on this site for a while...It was the guy with 5 people in his rpg in 1 month...Hhahahaha most of you know him from my FFrpg...His Site totally Su**s...20 members in 1 week his 5 people 1 month hahahaha His sites totally su**. Thats all i updated the stuff you sent me to my emails thank you for doing so It helped me allot
10-16-01 hahahaha well.....Well...I erased Chibi Gohans site after a fight.....I Think we cool but....Cant trust him yet....Well i have updated every ones stats thats all for now...Sorry Just Kidding About the Laughing Part to Make that Clear...
10-15-01 We are not having a tournement !!!!! Sorry bout that Little Insident...Well it happens ya no? Every 3 months someone pisses me off...Im not mad at him just what he did...Tournement is coming!!!Are you ready?There is a Hyperbolictime Chamber...If you train there you can only train there 2 times....Huge Stats gains.....I would save it for the battle Ahead...Recent Fights are up also...You can only use my ship if your with me and thats only brolli and vegeta...King Kais is Also Up....
10-14-01 We are having a tournement next week i am hoping every one who joined be in it ok??? We are having a tournement to see how good ya are...Go to the tournement page on the right or here Earths World TournementTo see what team your on
10-13-01 We are Making a Dragon Ball Z rpg here...The Characters Taken are Goten Vegeta gohan and Trunks...This rpg will be on a chat room with no dices.My Mods Will be helping me update this site...
10-13-01 Same Day we have gotten 5 people in the rpg and getting 1 more for sure...You can now rpg 400 dollars to you for every person you get to join...You can now start rpging....Get all your friends in and just wait cause a shop is gonna open soon...

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