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Always and Forever: The Story

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**** Update: Due to how busy I have been recently (from concluding the actual roleplay for the story itsef, plus school and work commitments) I have been finding it hard to make time to write out the second chapter in the story... however, I now know exactly how that chapter will read once complete, and intend to start work on the chapter as soon as I leave school in June. ****

Chapter One: Runaway

Chapter one, the main background of the story, including some birthday celebrations gone tragically wrong, this was the only part which wasn't actually roleplayed out, it gives some information on Starfire, and some of the main characters, Flash, Strike and Shadow. This chapter and the next will set up the storyline, with a few interesting twists along the way...Finished for Christmas and now posted up, after many months of distractions, heh, anyways, please read and tell me what you think, all feedback is appriciated

Chapter Two: Club Lust (In Development)

Chapter two of the story, set five years after the events of the first chapter, where I began to roleplay Flash, it includes Flash meeting one of the other main characters in the story, Ivy, and things dont start well between them, but everything changes when Kim (Flash's Sister) makes an appearance, and Strike (Flash's brother) returns to Ayenee to capture Flash, and hold him to trial for the killing of their father...

Chapter Three: Starfire Castle (In Development)

Flash is captured, and is locked away in the prisons of starfire to await his trial, many incidents occur around this time, including the truth about Kim and Strike, and Flash and Ivy's feelings towards each other...also this chapter includes the appearance of Blade, (Strike's friend) and Destiny (Adopted Starfire foxgirl).

Chapter Four: Trial (In Development)

Flash finally gets his trial, things dont go well for Flash, and Ivy has some problems of her own to deal with...Flash makes an agreement with Ivy as he awaits his sentence of death...Strike is seriously injured protecting Destiny, and has an argument with Kim...everything now rests on Starfire legend, that once Flash Dies, his father will allow him a second chance...

As the rest of the story has not yet been roleplayed out...the outcome has not been decided...and as a result, anything could happen to the last chapter...

Chapter Five: Always and Forever (In Development)

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