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Flash Starfire's Homepage

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<bgsound src="images/mk.mid"> Hello and welcome to my homepage, my name is Flash and my yahoo screen-name is flash_blue_fox.

New Javascript picture at the top of the page, complete with snow effect, if it doesnt show, try prsessing 'refresh' on your browser, if it still doesnt work then your browser doesnt support java.

Flash's Profile Information has been moved to a seperate page to save space on the main page...the link to it is in the links list.

On my site I will include some information about me, and if you wish to contact me, then please use the e-mail:

Well, the midi music for the site used to be Europe - Final Coundown, but i had to remove it after a few complaints o.o; so if anyone has any appropriate music (in midi format) then it would be good if you could 'donate' it to me so that we can have some decent music for visitors to listen to. I have been looking for midis of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, I found 'Crawling' which doesnt sound too good, so, tell me what you think of the music I've put on now, until I can find something better >.<

oh, and please sign my guestbook! I've had over 100 visitors, but not enough people signing the guestbook >.<

I hope that soon I will be able to write a story of Flash's rp so far, I think it will be in three large chapters, his past, what is happening now...and then the outcome.

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-Graffiti decorations
-Underneath a sky of dust
-A constant wave of tension
-On top of broken trust
-The lessons that you taught me
-I learn were never true
-Now I find myself in question
-They point the finger at me again
-Guilty by association
-You point the finger at me again
-Paper bags and angry voices
-Under a sky of dust
-Another wave of tension
-Has more than filled me up
-All my talk of taking action
-These words were never true
-Now I find myself in question
-They point the finger at me again
-Guilty by association
-You point the finger at me again
-I wanna run away
-Never say goodbye
-I wanna know the truth
-Instead of wondering why
-I wanna know the answers
-No more lies
-I wanna shut the door
-And open up my mind
-Gonna run away

(Linkin Park - Runaway - Click here to download at only 1.5MB, 64kb/s , rightclick then select 'save target as')


Thankyou for visiting and please check back often as I regularly update the site, and in the next few weeks I will also be working on the new 'Club Lust' site, so take a look at progress so far using the link below, and be sure to visit the club when it's open.

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