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Name: Nico

Age: 17

Date of birth: 9th March 1984

Sex: Female

Nationality: Unknown

Weight: 80kgs

Height: 6"0'

Blood Type: O positive

Eye colour: Dark Purple

Fur/Hair colour: Light Brown

Occupation/Job: Traveller

Hobbies: HorseRiding, Hanging out at Taverns, Meeting People and Talking

Abilities: Unknown Magic Abilities (Emotionally Triggered)

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Drink: Milk

Favorite Colour: Purple

Likes: Spending time with friends, helping people

Dislikes: Fighting/Conflict, and being immortal

Short History: Was abondoned when only 4 years old, was left to look after her 2 year old sister, who when 14, was raped and killed. Spends a lot of her time riding on her horse 'Magic', to try and help as many people as she can. She met her friends Blade (bladepaw_catboy) and Doodle (doodlousmaximus) and trouble began.


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