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Name: Kari

Age: 16

Date of birth: 17th August 1984

Sex: Female

Nationality: Unknown

Weight: 60kgs

Height: 5"6'

Blood Type: Unknown

Eye colour: Green

Fur/Hair colour: Orange and Black Tiger fur

Occupation/Job: Slave

Hobbies: None

Abilities: No known magic abilities

Favorite Food: None

Favorite Drink: Milk

Favorite Colour: Green

Likes: Being tickled, purring, and playing with her tail

Dislikes: Getting dirty

Short History: Was abandoned as a child and was forced into slavery as a small child. knowing only the ways of slavery now wanders around learning more about other people and places, now has found a caring mistress and enjoys spending time with her. Is normally shy around other people, secretly looking for another of her own kind.


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