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Name: Kage

Age: 16

Date of birth: 11th August 1984

Sex: Male

Weight: 70kgs

Height: 5"10'

Blood Type: Unknown - Vampire

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Fur/Hair colour: Blonde Hair, Black Markings

Occupation/Job: Slave and child to Darkangel_31314, Freelance Sniper.

Hobbies: Hunting

Abilities: Previous Master taught him how to be a sniper, no magic abilities, is strong and very agile, now has all the extra abilites from becoming a vampire

Favorite Food: None

Favorite Drink: None

Favorite Colour: Green

Likes: Sniping, Hunting, Being with Darkangel_31314

Dislikes: Busy Places, Bounty hunters

Short History: Was captured as a slave at the age of 14, was taught by his first master to be a sniper, was used to help protect his master who was eventually killed by a vampire. Bought as a slave by Darkangel_31314, and turned to a vampire by her, now serves her, enjoying her company, helping her to feed from and turn other slaves.