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Flash Starfire - More Information


Name: Flash Starfire
Age: 18
Date of birth: 17th August 1983
Sex: Male
Nationality: British
Weight: 95kgs/209lbs
Height: 6"1'/185cms
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye colour: Emerald Green
Fur/Hair colour: White with purple/blue stripes, blue feathered wings
Occupation/Job: Healer, Protector, DJ for Club Lust
Hobbies: Reading, Music, DJing, Spending time with friends, Drinking
Abilities: Lightning, Ice and Cure based magics
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Drink: Vodka
Favorite Colour: Blue (duhhh! ^_^ )
Likes: Having fun with friends, listening to music
Dislikes: Getting wet, being ignored, practical jokes, fighting

Flash is normally quite reserved, avoiding conflict where possible, but as friends get to know him he is really friendly and fun to be with, although it can be difficult for him to see the funny side of practical jokes played on him. Although Flash is quite shy, he loves to make friends with others, loving to just spend time talking.

When Flash does fight which isn't usually unless he is provoked into doing so, his magical abilities are quite powerful, although they take a lot of energy to use, making sustained use over long periods of time impossible. Flash has cure, ice, and lightning magic, the cure magic means that he can heal some wounds, and relieve any type of pain, although like most cure magic, he cannot heal himself. The ice magic that Flash uses is useful against human opponents, on account of the water content in their bodies, preferring to use lightning magic against other types of opponent. One important aspect of Flash's abilities is that they are magical, being cast like a spell, not being physical. This means that for example, if flash was to freeze something in ice, normal fire would not melt the ice, it would also have to be magically cast, the same as breaking one spell with another, physical laws do not always apply to magic.
Flash has never told anyone of his true past, what really happened to his parents, and why he left home to live a life alone, preferring not to discuss or even mention his past. Still, the traumas of his past life have lead him to forget many of the things that happened when he was younger. Flash wants to keep these things to himself as he is afraid the truth may harm himself, and others, especially Kim Starfire, who is one of his own kind. Flash is now beginning to suspect that Kim played a part in this past, but he's not sure how, or when...
It is still true that Flash killed his father, and that his father played a part in the death of his mother. Flash has never really forgiven himself for what he did, blaming himself for everything that happened. Another secret that Flash holds is that his wings are a part of his past, being very important to him, Kim Starfire does not have these, although she still uses the same levels of magic as Flash.

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