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My Artwork

Welcome to my artwork page, this will be fairly small to start with, i'm not an experienced artist, and these pictures took many hours and many failed attempts to complete, my work is mainly small pencil sketches CGed in different programs to finish them off (mainly Photoshop 6). Most of my work has importance to Flash's story, some of them containing select lyrics from songs, or sometimes poetry. Please tell me what you think of my artwork by signing my guestbook (link on main page). Please do not copy, alter, distribute or take these pictures from this site or Flash's Yahoo profile without permission, if you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact me by E-mail -

Blue Wings (123k)

Pic of Flash's blue wings from behind, kind of spooky and dark. Made by scanning in a pencil sketch, tinting the black to yellow with a lens-effect, and then colour reversing the whole thing, turning the yellow tint to blue, and the white background to black. ---Copyright MTB2001

Flash Crying (177k)

A quick sketch of Flash crying...a lot of story behind this one, but he's lying on his little bed in the prison cell, the photograph is of him and ivy in Club Lust when they first met. Pencil sketch, scanned in black and white, adjustments and text added upsing PhotoSuite. ---Copyright MTB2001

Ivy (46k)

Ivy's profile picture changed in PhotoShop, a quick experiment in using the lens effects

Flash Desktop Background (63k)

Windows desktop background, 800x600 size, made in photoshop ---Copyright MTB2001

Flash Signature Pic (43k)

Flash Profile Pic (68k)

Blue Feather Poem (88k)

One of Flash's blue wing feathers, accompanied by an original poem. Done entirely within Photoshop6 ---Copyright MTB2002

My December (238k)

Lyric extracts from Linkin Park's 'My December' added to a winter forest background...

Strike Sitting (205k)

This is a picture of Flash's brother Strike, showing him after the events which left him with a seriously damaged right eye and right arm. Picture done entirely within Photoshop6. -- Copyright MTB2002

Strike's Wings (233k)

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