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Final Fantasy VIII cheats


Easy gil:

Tonberry's Haggle and Sell High abilities as well as Carbuncle's Recovery Medicine Refining ability must be learned for this trick. Obtain 75,000 gil and by 100 Tents from any shop. Refine them into 25 Mega-Potions, which can be sold for 7,500 gil each. This results in a profit of 105,000 gil.

Build a high speed level, the Rare item ability, hit at 255%, and a high strength stat. Go to Cactuar Island and fight Cactuars. You will usually acquire an item called Jet Engine, which can be sold for 150000 gil.

Easy experience:

Equip one character with Auto-Haste, Initiative, and Junction 100 Pain spells to their attack. They will go first, and blind/poison/silence the target monster (this works well against Behemoths). Have another character cast Zombie on the helpless monster, and have the third character use the Revive ability on the Zombied monster. Behemoths cannot see to counter attack, and Silence keeps them from using their high-level magic. In all Final Fantasy games, undead monsters are injured by curative magic, and killed by Life spells, Phoenix Downs, etc. Use this technique when fighting the Behemoths in the Deep Sea Research Center on the south-western-most corner of the world map to accumulate experience and build your characters. Note: This only works on monsters that are susceptible to Death magic. Bosses are immune to this trick, as are Ruby Dragons and Imps. Those opponents must be killed by traditional means; however the Diablos summon kills most Imps in one hit.

Quick movement in Balamb Garden:

When first at Balamb Garden, after you give the tour to Selphie, approach the the directory and press Action. When the directory screen appears, move the pointer to where to wish to go and press Action. You will appear in the hallway in front of that location. Note: This only works at the beginning of the game.

Zell: Pushups:

When you are in Disc 1 at the Galbadian Garden, find the area where students doing pushups. When you are leaving, go back to that hallway and you should see Zell also doing pushups.

No random battles:

Use the following methods to never have any random battle outside of towns: rent a car for 3,500 gil, walk on train tracks, walk on paved roads, or get Diablos' No Encounter ability.

Easy Ultimecia and Griever battles:

Collect about 50 Auras, Squall's Lion Heart gunblade, and Bahamut's card (obtained when Bahamut is defeated). Before the battle use the card mod ability on the Bahamut card to get 100 Mega Elixers. When enter into the first of the four battles, three characters are chosen at random -- your three main characters will not always start out. When you start the battle, if any of your three main characters are with you, just keep them alive and let the others die and be taken into time compression. You will eventually get all three of your main characters -- this is when the battle starts. Start the battle by having one character use Aura on Squall so he can get his Limit Break easily. Have the third character use a Mega Elixer every turn and have Squall use his Limit Break every turn. When Aura runs out, just cast it again. Have the character who has Aura also use Doomtrain to try to lower any of the Boss' defense. Keep this up and the four battles will be over before you know it.

Easy Boss battles:

Besides the obvious increases in Str up to 255 and HP up to 9999, put Rinoa's Mag up to 255. Cast Aura on her, followed by Invincible Moon, then Angel Wing. Just wait until Rinoa casts Meteor, which will do up to 5000-7000 on each meteor, depending on experience.

Easy battles:

To defeat enemies easily, learn the ability Revive with Alexander and junction 100 Zombie to Status Atk on any player. During a battle, attack until the enemy has Zombie status, and then use Revive to automatically kill it.

Defeating Omega Weapon:

Have Irvine, Squall, and either Rinoa or Zell in your party. Before battle, card mod the Gilgamesh card and get Holy Wars. Have Death junctioned to everyone's Status Defense and make sure they have at 9999 HP. Junction the Auto-haste ability to someone. First, have Zell/Rinoa cast Triple on Irvine. Wait until Omega does his Meteor spell, then quickly do a Triple Curaga for everyone. Soon afterwards, Omega Weapon will use a special attack that does 9998 damage to everyone, which will put everyone in your party at 1 HP. Use the Holy War. Use limit breaks with each person except for Rinoa. Rinoa should summon Eden repeatedly, unless she has only the Wishing Star limit break. Watch the person with Auto-haste very carefully. He will be the first person who comes out of Holy War, and serves as an early warning. Use another Holy War when one wears out.

Easy Angelo abilities:

To raise Angelo's abilities, which are learned by the amount you have walked, go to Esthar, land the Ragnarok at the Airstation and run past the first screen. Turn left, and proceed to the Esthar Presidential Palace. When you get there, make your way back to the Airstation. That should be enough walking to trigger an ability.

Invincible Moon limit break:

Find he Pet Pals magazine with the Invincible Moon on it. Then click on it at Riona's status screen. Leave it there and do not learn any more tricks. If you did not learn any tricks before that, every time you use Riona's Limit Break it will be Invincible Moon instead of something less useful such as Angelo Cannon.

Remodeling weapons:

Squall's weapon can be remodeled easily while keeping his level low. Adamantine can be stolen from BGH251F2 in FH. Dragon Fang can be gotten from a level 1 Blue Dragon in the Trabia snow forests. Pulse Ammos can be taken from Energy Crystal 1 to 10. However, this is tricky because there are no low level monsters with this item. Even Elnoyle in Esthar must be at least level 40 to have them (and he cannot be leveled up) Therefore, in order to get the Energy Crystal, get the Elnoyle's card, which can be refined into an Energy Crystal for 10 to 1. Use the following trick to get 20 Elnoyle's cards. The hotel keeper in front of the Balamb hotel always uses the card for no reason. Just get the card from him. Meanwhile, collect the Iron Giant's card which can be refined into Star Fragments for 3 to 1. Zell's weapon needs Dragon's Skin which can be obtained from Anacondaur with level 30 or above and can be found in the forest near Timber. They usually appear in pairs and do not waste any of them. For Fury Fragment, try the cards again. Adamantine can be obtained from Adamantoise or from Scared's card. Adamantoise must be at least level 30. Have 'Meltdown' magic drawn before fighting it because it has a very high Vit. Do not let allow of the two be wasted because Selphine also needs it. For Irvine, Dino Bone, Star Fragment, and Screw can be refined from cards. Moon Stone can be stolen from Elnoyle. Your party will definitely have one level up if you fight him. Quistist's weapon items can all be obtained from cards, and so can Selphine's, except for Adamantine. Regen Ring can be stolen from Torama. Force Armlet should be obtained from Edea at Galbadia Garden. With all of the above, Squall should be able to have his Str above 230 junctioned Str with 100 Ultima, and a Str +60% ability and level at 24.

Easy AP and Exp points:

Go to Cactaur Island earn 20 AP for each Cactaur that is defeated in battle. Cactaur Island is the small island covered by a desert.

Once the Ragnarok is obtained, fly to the island closest to the east or west of the world map. The name of the islands should be Island Closest to Heaven or Island Closest to Hell. Defeat the difficult opponents here to accumulate AP and experience.

Get the Tonberry GF and equip the Lv Up ability. Get Diablos and equip the Mug function. Use the Ragnarok to go to the top of the Vienne Mountains and fight the blue dragons. Use Lv Up, then Mug and he will automatically die. If he does not, repeat Lv Up and Mug. The experience from a maximum level Blue Dragon exceeds 1000 points. Note: Do not try this with anything else, as it may create a dangerous monster.

Best limit break:

Many people think that Squall's limit Break "Lion Heart" is the best. It is, but it may be not the best limit break to depend on. The chance for using it is so low that it is hard to use more that once during a battle, especially when fighting Omega. The most dependable limit break is Zell's limit break, but is restricted by time. His "Booya", "Heel Drop" and "Punch Rush" are best used during the battle because they are the easiest to do. They have a sequence, which is "Booya", followed by "Heel Drop" or "Punch Rush", then return back to "Booya" again. It is useless to look at the list because they will always be there. If the sequence "Booya", "Punch Rush", "Booya" is followed, it will produce the best result. Since each attack cause about 4000 damages when the Zell's Str is 230, 8+ sec can takes 44 times damage. The total added damage will be 44 times 4000 (176,000). It is more than the damage of "Lion Heart", which is 9999 times 17 (169,983), not counting the few slashes made before "Lion Heart". Zell's limit is guaranteed as long as you are fast enough.

Low level advantages:

Since the enemies level up as you do, try to keep your level as low as possible for easier battles. As long as your magic is good, defeating your opponents will not be a problem. Draw high level magic when your level is low to increase your status.

Ending scene:

Allow the credits to complete after the final FMV sequence to see Squall and Rinoa.

Lunch Lady's kid:

if you talked to the Lunch Lady to the left in the Garden, she will tell you about her son and how he went out on his own. You can actually meet him after the Boss Battle in FH (with BGH251F2). In this part of the game, you will be left alone. Meet up with Irvine at the top of the elevator, then go back the area where you just fought the Boss and talk to the teenager in yellow. If you ask if he is the Lunch Lady's son he will board the Garden.

Dancing soldiers on control panel:

You can toy around a bit with the Missile Control Panel. Choose to go to the equipment inspection screen to see the equipment used by the Galbadian Army. Hold Triangle + Square and press Up or Down. The scene will switch to either a dancing Galbadian Soldier or Elite Soldier.

Increasing stats: You can increase all your stats by using GF Eden's Devour ability by eating the following: Information in this section was contributed by Leong.
Hp: Rinoa in Adel + 10 HP, Ruby Dragon + 10 HP
Str: T-Rexaur + 1 Str
Vit: Adamantoise + 1 Vit
Mag: Behemoth + 1 Mag
Spr: Malboro + 1 Spr
Spd: Pu Pu + 1 Spd