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Fissured Ice Egg

Light blurs dreamy transparency into waking opacity, setting this small egg all aglow in smoky golden-grey, an icicle melting in the first haze of dawn. The last shades of brisk pearl crackle over its tip, weeping down one side's twist of stem, silent teardrops colluding at last in a silver pool at its base; balsa spears through the would be boulder, a sensible handle to sweetness' overpowering stickiness.

Sagacious Determined Green Dragonet

Tranquil mint slides easily over the whole of this young lady's hide, the color so even and smooth it seems almost too perfect. Closer study reveals petty variations - muted froth highlights the abrupt truncation of muzzle, while near-translucent jade dallies around the base of each neckridge and in the hollow behind each wing. Hooded eyes glitter cheerfully under malachite-shaded eyeridges, while huge wingsails, veined with subtle feathering of yet more jade, arch in graceful double curves on either side of powerful shoulders. Slubbed tail curls from chiseled haunches, the very tip of her spade dusted with iridescence. Serpentine grace and muscle meld into a form so well-proportioned that it isn't until you compare her to her clutchsisters that her true size is evident.


In a sudden radioactive flash the world goes away, leaving you dazzled, blinded, overwhelmed. As the endless moments tick past you get the unaccountable feeling of someone - something? - rummaging through your inner being, Even stranger is how right it seems, how true, how... << ELFARRAN! >> a voice roars, surely everyone here can hear it? Somehow the aural shock clears your vision, leaving you gawking at a Sagacious Determined Green Dragonet reared up on her haunches and staring into your eyes. << What are you doing just standing there? Don't you know how *hungry* I am? >> And somehow you know that this... this Jenibeth has found you, and she is yours and you are hers, forever.

Jenibeth is everything that Elfarran isn't, but could be. She's intelligent, like her lifemate, and isn't overly feminine, except that she is, though no effort is spent on such. However, unlike her lifemate, she knows her strengths. In fact, its her weaknesses she is liable to overlook. And she certainly isn't at all withdrawn or quiet. She's bold and even a little brash.

So, in a way, they compliment very well. Elfarran is a little small for a human - Jenibeth is a good bit large for a green dragon. Elfarran is a bit shy - Jenibeth is not at all shy. And, both of them have a thirst for knowledge, learning and intelligent conversation, and both of them are cheerful, even if that isn't evident in the rider lately.

Or, for a more clear picture of Jenibeth.