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Elfarran of Monaco Weyr

Elfarran was born and raised at Cove Hold, the daughter of two crafters. Her father a journeyman Beastcrafter and her mother a journeywoman Harper. The second oldest daughter, she showed an aptitude with smaller children, and so to help out, spent many hours helping raise her younger siblings. Another aptitude she showed was with herbals and healing, and so she spent most of her free hours studying from one of the older healers of the hold.

All this continued until she was around 17 turns old, when she went to Monaco Weyr with her father, to make a delivery of instruments crafted by her mother. While there, she was introduced to dragonhealing, and when about to go and see the infirmary, was searched by E'ner's blue, Astonth, to stand for Leyrith and Perymith's eggs, which were hardening on the sands.

After many adventures involving attempts to see and touch the hardening eggs, the big day arrived. Standing on the hot sands, she watched as several of her friends impressed lifemates, including one who impressed the golden Doloveth.

Handling her disappointment with a stoic smile, she got permission to stay and study dragonhealing and went to the Healer Hall to the north for several weeks, to be tested and made Senior Apprentice. Sent back to Monaco, she studied both the healing of people and dragons.

It was during this time she found a half starved canine pup, and brought her home to the weyr, taking care of her and raising her into a large, healthy companion, Riverchaser. Also, during a fire lizard hatching, she impressed a young brown, whom she named Nightsky, for the darkness of his hide.

Months and turns passed, as they are wont to do, and she spent many hours studying, first from hides and then by observation, as she was told to stop sticking her nose into hides by the weyrleader at the time.

Then, as she neared her 19th turnday, she realized that she was lonely. Worse, she realized that she might even be falling in love, and with someone that she was certain loved another. While she pondered this problem, another arouse.

Search - Yet again, she was searched for eggs hardening on the sands. This time, it was Rievoth and Rugarth's clutch. Certainly not as hazardous an adventure as the first time. Instead, the hazards were of another sort.

She found out that she was in love with another as well, and as luck would have it, he too was in love with someone else. Worse, her being a candidate made it impossible for her to really do anything about it. As she reached her turnday, depression and moodiness set in, and she became a bit snappy - quite unlike her normal, cheerful self.

The day of the hatching, she stood there, shifting back and forth and feeling a bit distant from the others. Still, the joy in the eyes of the others as they found lifemates touched her as well, and she couldn't stay depressed. Watching, she was quite surprised when she felt another mind touch her's, and looked down into the eyes of Jenibeth.

Now a weyrling, the worst thing could happen. The person who managed to bring out the worst in her temper had also impressed. And, while she tried to put aside her problems and concentrate on a new beginning, alas, he did not, and so has made her past months miserable.

Never one to complain, she spoke to one of the assistant weyrling masters - not to whine about what was going on, but to see if there was a way she could not cause her beloved green any problems because of her own troubles making friends.

Jenibeth, as she grew older, decided, along with Lornath, to take matters into their own hands, and tried to fix things for everyone by telling this person that Elfarran liked him. What is worse, even among the fighting, and the attempts to make peace, this became true.

Then, as if things couldn't get any more confused, Jenibeth decided to rise, before the pair had even graduated or been assigned their own weyr. And, with all the luck of her previous life, was caught by none other then the dragon of the weyrsecond of Fort, who was down to take care of something else entirely.

She had to say it was rather nice, the next day, even if she was still horribly embarressed. Being told she was beautiful, by someone who was close in age, might even have turned her head, if she'd been less practical. And, when he appeared at her graduation with a gift just for her, it pretty much did. The problem is, of course, that his bronze turned right around and caught a gold, and not just any gold, but the same gold, Leyrith, he'd caught before. Also, there was the fact that life grew busy with drills, fighting thread and sweeps.

So now, she spends brief moments glancing northward, as well as many hours thinking about someone that she hasn't had much of a chance to see.

Then, one day, the current Weyrleader, N'veen, came as asked her to become the new Weyrlingmaster. Being horribly surprised, she accepted, and has spent alot of her time reading over the hides in her new office, notes from those before her, as well as other informational texts. It seems she's gone back to her old habits.

Yes, this is in fact the current story, up to this point. The logs contain many more details on the matter.