Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr

These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

Kasmira hurries in, a pouch held tight in her hand. "I got these..."

Elfarran looks up from where she is oiling Nightsky and sighs a little, "I hope they are small enough."

Kasmira chews on her lip. "I got the smallest I could find, without arousing suspicion, that is."

Elfarran nods slowly, looking down at the brown in her lap, "Night, got a task for you, little one....try not to get caught."

Kasmira drops the pouch on a table, looking around. "Where - oh, come here, Airi. They won't bite."

Orilee ambles in, a waft of herdbeast smell following her. "Oh, hey Elf..." Nod goes to Kasmira. Chanteur, previously settled on the firelizard perch, immediately reacts to his humanpet's appearance and jumps, flapping o'er toward Lee.

Kasmira looks over and grins. "Hey, want to join in? We could always use more 'lizards."

Orilee holds out an arm, Chanteur settling down upon it and crawling up to her shoulder. "Oh.. Join in? Join.. in what?"

Kasmira reaches into the sack, drawing out a tiny tinkling bells. "Hrm. Anyone have string? We're going to ring S'renn awake."

Orilee laughs outloud, examining the bells. "Oh.. with.. the firelizards? And the bells?" Duh. "Good... good prank... good idea..." Chortle.

Elfarran holds out a hand for a bell and string, looking a bit off.

Kasmira hands out bells, beginning to whistle cheerfully. "This should be interesting. Airi, stand still."

Orilee pulls on one of the strings, and plucks out a bell. "How many should we put on...." The string is knotted to the top of the bell, and Chanteur is taken from his shoulder and settled down on the nearest cot. "You'll enjoy this Chanty..."

Kasmira says "As many as they can carry? I got small ones."

Elfarran carefully ties the bells around Nightsky's neck, kissing him on the nose, keeping her face hidden.

Orilee scoops up enough bells to lace about Chanteur's legs, and attaches them. Not knowing exactly his fate, the blue just sits calmly, waiting for his humanpet to finish. "So... When are we sending them? Is S'renn asleep now?"

Elfarran looks up, "Its certainly late enough for him to be."

Kasmira finishes looping a string of bells around Airi. "He should be. If not - we can always send them on to X'dros!"

Orilee laughs. "So... anyone know what the place looks like?" Sadly, she hasn't ever visited the weyr. "Hopefully all the firelizard's'll figure their way..." And her eyes fall back on Chanty. "There, done!" Standing back, she cocks her head to the side, as if examining the finished product. "All set and ready..."

Elfarran already looks a little upset, and blanches as the new suggestion is made. But, hopefully, everyone is too busy attaching strings to notice this, and she speaks quietly, "I do."

Orilee grins, nodding. "Yea, same here..." Jingling, Chanteur leaps from the cot onto Lee's shoulder. "You're gonna go see S'renn..." Scritch scritch. And he's gonna /like/ it!

Elfarran looks up and looks at Nightsky, staring at him as she concentrates on the image of where he's to go. A chirp, and a jingle, and he leaps from her hand, flying about.

Chanteur suddenly becomes a bit excited, his eyes whirling bright blue. An anxious look is given to Nightsky, and then to the other firelizards in the room.

Airi chitters, questioningly, at Nightsky, the bells already ringing as she hops off Kas' arm.

Chanteur leaps from Lee, flapping silently, struggling slightly to hold himself and the mess of bells in the air. He's a bit alarmed by the noise, but after a moment grows used to it. He circles Orilee.

Nightsky chirps, looking over the other fire lizards, then flies out the door like an arrow.

Kasmira suggests, quietly, "I think we should all appear to be very deep asleep."

Orilee giggles, hopping into her cot and nodding, before pulling the covers over her head and relaxing into the bed.

Elfarran nods slowly and curls up on her cot, hiding her face against the canine.

Nightsky> Onareth and S'renn's Wallow

Nightsky> Dirt. Hardpacked, plain dull brown dirt fills this wallow, edged with forest, providing both shade and privacy from the next one over. A healthy dip in the ground, just about dragon-sized off is to one side where the singlight filters through the trees. Opportunistic weeds are starting to poke their little green heads up. Near the entrance to the wallow sits the cothold, smallish, but freshly whitewashed.

Inside the cothold, it makes up for its smallish size by being very well laid out, useful storage shelves tucked into any nook and cranny. A window looks out into the wallow, and a small seperate room, probably designed to be the bedroom sits at the far end. It's been cleaned out and dusted, the broom forgotten and leaning against the wall next to the door.

Kasmira yanks off her boots, climbing into her own cot. Hiding the remaining bells in one of the boots.

Nightsky> Airi approaches from the open landing field.

Nightsky> Chanteur glides in from the open landing field.

Nightsky> All is quiet within the wallow, housing a large brown lump, which turns out to be the slumbering Onareth, although there is an odd shape resting up against the browns hide. Upon closer examination, someone may discover that the sprawled out shape, nestled between the dragons forelegs, is in fact S'renn, dressed up still in his daily wear, apparently having been too tired to actually take himself to the cothold, but he seems just comfortable right where he is, fast asleep.

Nightsky> Airi doesn't make a sound as she flits in - except, of course, for the bells secured to her. Those are ringing quite tinnily.

Nightsky> Nightsky zips in, flying, like usual, with a lot of extra spins, turns and other aerobatic nonsense. This, of course, causes the bells on his neck to make that much more noise, as he leads his flight into the weyr.

Nightsky> Chanteur follows behind in the small pack of firelizards, his legs dangling and chingling against each other. Again anxious looks are given throughout the room, ending upon the large dragon and the S'renn in the center.

Nightsky> Neither slumbering forms appear to have noticed the firelizards entering the wallow, although the very tip of Onareth's tail twitches, once, twice.. three times.. then becomes still.

Nightsky> Nightsky zooms down, doing a few more aerial flips, before flying back up steeply.

Nightsky> Airi swoops low, unable to be very acrobatic with all the bells, but making a good try at it. She passes direcly above the sleeping rider, before making for the other side.

Nightsky> Chanteur's low spirits are kicked high again as he watches the acrobatics. Doing the best he can with his young age, he flips upon his back, winging extremely close to S'renn, and nearly skimming the top of Onareth.. but not quite. Will he wake up?

Nightsky> Nightsky chirps, then goes back to flying back and forth, as close as he can, his bells jingling and chiming.

Nightsky> Airi curves around, wings carrying her back to a hover, right by S'renn's ear. A very nosy hover - those bells just like to ring.

Nightsky> Even though S'renn is quite possibly the hardest of sleepers, he just happens to be sleeping upon one of the lightest of sleepers. Therefor, with all that jangling about, Onareth wakes with a start, head pulling up quickly from his paws, eyes yellow, and whirling with alarm. That movement alone doesn't awake S'renn, but what follows does. As Onareth has not been expecting this, and firelizards with noisy bells is apparently something to be very afraid of, he takes in a deep breath, and lets out one of the loudest bellows that this young brown can possibly muster, trying to scare away these midnight invaders.

Nightsky> Nightsky chirps, eyes suddenly going yellow as well, and disappears, fleeing the large angry brown loud thing.

Nightsky> Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr

Nightsky> These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

Nightsky appears suddenly from *between*.

Nightsky flies down and hides in his human's hair, shaking like a leaf. Elfarran reaches up and slowly removes the bells from his neck, and hides them under her pillow, reaching out to comfort her little friend.

Kasmira sits bolt upright in bed. "Oh, shells! We have to get these bells off." She looks at her green, who is screeching enough to wake the dead. "Airi, it's all right..."

Jerked awake from where he lies upon one of the still unoccupied bunks, Starset quickly settles himself up and upon his haunches, wings slightly extended, his maw opened to emit a high-pitch trilling... Hmm, S'renns angry, you candidates are gonna get it!

Chanteur appears, frantically diving into Lee's cot, and shuddering enough to shake the entire apparatus. "Bells! Bells!" Yanking on the strings on her firelizard, she rips them in half. Shoving her blue beneath the covers, Lee glances up frantically to Kamira. "What'do we do with these?" Chinglechingle?

Kasmira coaxes Airi over, pulling off the bells before beginnig to soothe the green. "Boots!" Oh, that's really helpful, Kas..."

Elfarran looks like she's more or less asleep, really. That or supressing something, for her hand rests on the small form of her lizard, while her face is nestled against the canine that sleeps with her.

Orilee nods, shoving her bells into her own boots, and slipping them on her feet before sliding them and the rest of her body 'neath the covers. Chanteur is scooted up as close as he can manage to Lee, shuddering. Covers are brought up to chin, and she relaxes (or tries) into the cot, giving her best appearance of sleep.

Kasmira dumps her own bells into her boots, and continues trying to quiet her firelizard.

Apparently, that bellow that Onareth had let out was loud enough to echo throughout the entire Weyr, probably waking quite a few dragonpairs, even though it has been almost ten or twenty minutes since the onslaught of firelizards had woken the young brown. Apparently having finally accomplished the task of soothing Onareth, S'renn bursts through the door, eyes flashing with anger, not to mention being bloodshot from the rude awakening. For right now, he says nothing, only glancing around the barracks, possibly sizing up the situation, and checking for anyone awake.

Kasmira is lying very still in her cot by the time S'renn storms in, trying to pretend the now quiet, but still orange-whirly-eyed Airi is not hers. The little green having flatly refused to be coaxed under the covers. No one here but us sound sleepers.

Orilee breathes as silently as she can into her pillow, although her eyes are wide open and staring straight into the darkness. Hearing the upset S'renn burst in, Chanteur pushes himself closer to Lee, and the girl herself waits, trying to force her eyes shut.

Elfarran is still sound asleep, or looks to be, however, at the sound of people coming in, Riverchaser lifts her head and woofs softly, before putting her head back down on her dinnerplate sized paws.

S'renn's eyes flash around the barracks once again, just while he pulls his arms up from his sides, to fold them over his chest. He takes one glance at Starset, whom immediately shuts up, and who wouldn't with that look in the lad's eyes. S'renn begins to walk down the isle of cots, head turning back and forth along, checking each cot, and once he reaches the end, he turns around, only then does he begin to talk. "All right Candidates! Out of bed! Now!" his voice calls out through the barracks, more like Onareth's own bellow than S'renn's usually pleasant voice.

Elfarran starts and jumps to her feet, the little brown hiding in her hair. She looks white as a sheet.

Orilee squeaks silently, although unheard through the boom of S'renn. Gulping, she pulls the covers off of her self, and sits up. Chanteur sinks into a depression in the cot, and when Lee's feet hit the floor, the blanket is pulled over him and the rest of the cot.

Orilee pages to S'renn and Elfarran: Are we waiting for Kas, or are we going to continue?

"Apparently a group of you just don't know that Monaco Weyr frowns upon Candidate pranks," S'renn drawls while he makes his way back down the row of cots perhaps just a little too calmly, though the tone suggests that he is holding himself back. He lets silence fall upon the barracks for several minutes while he progresses near to the chore board, and turns about, facing the candidates. "And until the group who had decided that it was funny to scare Onareth terribly, comes forward, none of you ill be sleeping tonight."

Elfarran takes a deep breath and looks at the angry young man, "Did that stop you from putting insects into the girl's dorm, sir? Or stop riders from shortsheeting us?" She is speaking calmly enough, though her eyes are red and she is quieter then usual.

Orilee blinks over toward Elfarran, her mouth glued into a tight line. Is she... crazy?

Calling S'renn 'sir' doesn't make him calm down any, though it does cause his eyes to narrow upon the speakers form, even if she is one of his friends. "If I remember correctly, Candidate Elfarran, I am now a rider of this Weyr, and Candidate Coordinator. What happened when I was only a resident does not matter." He continues his stare at Elf for several moments, before turning his gaze elsewhere. "Now, is any one going to come forward? Or will I have to make sure that none of you sleep tonight?"

Elfarran stares back, then, swallowing a little, "It was my idea, sir." It might not be the complete truth, or even any of the truth, but its hard to tell.

Orilee pretends to search the lines of Candidates for takers of S'renn's question, although her eyes mournfully gaze upon the waken Candidates. Although that certainly was funny what the firelizards did. But a chuckle is subdued...

"You may be in trouble, Elfarran, but I still disapprove of you calling me 'sir'," S'renn reminds the Candidate, before pointing out towards the open door to the Commons, "Dress yourself at least respectively and meet me outside." His gaze returns to the rest, quieting whatever snickers may roll through the numbers of Candidates with an angry glare S'renn is just not known for. "I know that Elfarran only has one Firelizard, and there were two. So I am still waiting for the other to come forward!"

With a deep breath, Elfarran gets dressed, without another look to S'renn. Shorts and tunic pulled on over her underthings, and she walks outside.

Wide Green Commons - Monaco Weyr

This green is the hub of activity at the Weyr. The area extends along the base of a cavern-pocked cliff which rises southeast to northwest from here. The grubbed soil has been allowed to grow to a trampled turf, but hard stone walks bound it on all sides.

Weyrfolk and support staff move occasionally from the elevated, slate-topped infirmary complex that bridges the river on the eastern edge of the green to the open multiple decks of the sprawling, two-tiered Weyrhall to the north.

South and west of here, the cliff face looms high, with a wide opening leading into the Hatching cavern and a cut-stone path rising to several weyrs housing the Weyr's leaders. Emerging from the hatching opening, an oft-trod path skirts the cliff to an opening a bit to the west.

More directly west are more caverns and finally the swath widens in the northwest into the landing field used by visitors to the Weyr.

Orilee ambles in from the candidate barracks.

S'renn ambles in from the candidate barracks.

Elfarran is standing quietly, right outside the barracks, her face almost as red as her hair as she stares out in front of her.

Orilee positions herself beside Elfarran, her hands folded behind her, feet tightly shoved together, and more-mournful expression on her face. Which, by its own accord, is nearly as red as a redfruit. Unlike Elf's hair, Lee's is brown, and the face contrasts greatly with the hair, causing the red to stand out even more.

It takes several minutes after Orilee had left the barracks, before the form of S'renn slips out of the door, hands from his pockets, and in the process of bringing the door to a tight close, to prevent anyone wanting to hear the wrath of the brownrider. "Now then, you both know why you are out here," the lad says, still in a far too calm voice, eyeing up the both of them, just as he begins to make it up towards the two, "I am very disappointed in the two of you... Especially you Elfarran.. You knew that Onareth is afraid of his own shadow..." Slowly he begins to shake his head, followed by a deep sigh, "I have no choice but to punish the both of you.. Yes, even if I myself had formed a prank back in my time as a Candidate."

Eir ambles in from the western landing field.

Elfarran doesn't even look at S'renn, but straight ahead, eyes shadowed by more then the darkness. Her voice is soft as she speaks, "I am very sorry sir." There is that sir again, "And as you pointed out to me, you are a rider and candidate coordinator, so _sir_ is how I will address you."

Eir nibbles on a sweetstick as she wanders in aimlessly, off-duty. She homes in on the group of S'renn, Orilee and Elfarran, only to catch the last's careful words and start backing away slowly.

Orilee shudders, hearing the word 'punish,' gazing down at her feet and inspecting the soil beneath her. She simply allows Elf to speak, her voice nearly taken at the angry words of S'renn. Eir is not noticed even as she keeps even her side-glances down toward the ground.

Isadora ambles in from the candidate barracks.

S'renn continues his narrowed gaze upon the pair of Candidates, eyes bloodshot and barely opened even just a crack. "I honestly hope that the pair of you didn't expect there to be no punishment for this prank... It took me almost a half an hour to calm Onareth back down again!" Arms come up from his sides slowly, folding over his chest, and being called 'sir' doesn't exactly lighten his mood, in fact, as he places most of his weight upon one leg, his foot tapping at the ground, it appears that it makes him worse off, "The both of you will be on straight firestone duty for the next few weeks up to the hatching, you got that? And no shirking chores, or I /will/ find out."

Isadora swaggers in, hands shoved far into her baggy pockets, eyes on the ground. The noise on the commons seems to pass completely by her.. Until the white rage takes her by the shoulders and shakes her. She looks up, eyes focusing, growing sharp and dropping again. Someone's in trouble.. So she'll just stay away.

Elfarran actually turns to look at S'renn, her tone actually dull, "I understand perfectly, sir. And I told you it was my idea. Orilee only let me borrow her fire lizard, not knowing what it was for." She sighs softly, holding herself as rigid as a board, "If we may be excused, sir, now that we know what our punishment is?"

Eir winces sympathetically as the punishment is dumped on the candidates - that is, if any of them are silly enough not to glance at the ground and look properly cowed. With chamelonic grace, the brownrider slides into - hopefully - the corner of everyone's eye, the sweetstick not so much nibbled any more as chomped, nervously.

Orilee lets out a barely-audible whimper, gulping for yet another time. She looks up toward Elfarran, smiling slightly at the girl, heartened only a snippet. But Lee does not blame Elf, and stands straight and ridged as well. Hazel eyes alight upon Dora, and perhaps with a tiny sigh, Orilee thanks Faranth that S'renn has finished his Onareth-roaring. Then Eir's form makes itself known in her eyes, and Lee nearly lets herself whimper once more.

Isadora cants her head to the side, edging nonchalantly around the Candidates and S'renn to peer curiously at Eir. How she figures in this scene, Dora doesn't know. But she seems somewhat sane, and the Candidate drops her voice to a barely audible hiss. "Hey.. 'Scuse me.... What's goin' on?"

"Orilee, you may return to the barracks, but Elfarran, I wish to talk to you further on the matter," Now its S'renn's turn for his eyes to fall upon the ground, head shaking slowly back and forth, his voice becoming only a little more then a light whisper, "I wish you two didn't have to make me punish you... But I had to do it.." For now, Isadora and Eir is ignored by the lad while he pulls his attention back on the two troublemakers, and his voice almost sounds... slightly sympathetic, "Don't let me catch you in the process of a prank again."

Eir may /look/ like one of those innocent bystander types, but by the afternoon, if half the weyr has heard about the punishment, half a mark says it was the skinny brownriding chick.

Elfarran takes a deep breath as she nods, "Yes, sir." A tiny chirp from her shoulder, as the little brown lizard peeks his head through the coppery curls.

Isadora looks mildly taken aback at S'renn's behaviour. Eesh.. Dora's not the type of person who'd feel sorry for punishing someone. In fact, it's probably something she'd take great pleasure in. But back to the point.. "Eesh. I hope Lee's okay.. D'no the other girl too well, d'n think.. S'mthin' t'do with that f'lizard there, is it?"

Orilee toes a slight spin on her feet, quickly heading toward the barracks. Running past Dora, a tiny tear runs down her cheek, and she pauses for a moment, glancing back at S'renn and Elf, sighing, and darting beside the barracks, attempting to listen in on any other punishments. Shadows cast is what she plunges into, the light of the moon shining down on the others out in the center of the commons.

Isadora turns, casting a long look at S'renn before ambling after Orilee. She doesn't look as though she's in any particular hurry. In fact, Dora never really looks like she's in a hurry. She just strolls along, hands in pockets, eyes downcast as she trails pensively after her friend.

Eir finds a convenient tree to lean up against and look like the wise-cracking Fall-toughened rider she'd like to be, sweetstick twirled in her mouth leisurely. "Poor thing. Those tender ones never do last..." Good thing these comments are subvocalized, or she'd be crusin' for a bruisin'.

"First of all," S'renn starts off with a much more... normal tone of voice, hinted with only a twinge of anger that had been there before, "Quit calling me 'sir' you know how much I dislike it, No, wait.. scratch that, your probably doing it because you /know/ I dislike it." The flicker of a smile is shown upon his face for a moment, before he continues to shake his head, "Since it was your idea, I only have one extra chore that you will be doing under /my/ supervision... Onareth has been greatly disturbed by the happenings tonight, I think it would help in calming him by assisting in planing his flower garden."

Elfarran nods slowly as she looks back at S'renn, "No, I'm doing it to remind myself..." she stops, turning a bit redder, then takes a deep breath, "When do you want me to do this extra work, sir?"

Isadora skitters out of the barracks, shooting a /look/ over her shoulder. "F-ine then, Miss Stormcloud.." she rumbles gruffly under her breath, shuffling through the grass resolutely. "Hmmph. Cr-anky."

"Well stop reminding yourself," S'renn says as his brows furrow together, eyes rolling, "It reminds me of my father when you call me that, so quit it, please, and don't make me turn that into an order." Only now does the younger brownrider turn his gaze elsewhere, for just a moment, eyeing both Isadora, and Eir, though only to nod at them both, before responding to Elfarran's question, "Anytime before the hatching... Sooner if possible.. Onareth may forget easily, but he tends to look at things in my mind instead. And don't be so stuffy about it, considering what Auril would have done, I let you two off easy."

Elfarran nods slowly, still holding herself stiffly, "May I be excused now?"

Eir sends an informal sort of wave towards S'renn, half respectful salute and half a 'Yo!' sort of greeting. She's here, skulking and smirking.

Isadora lifts her eyes, rather sullenly, to eyeball S'renn briefly. Whatever /he/ did, Lee's cwaaanky and not really wanting company. Therefore S'renn must be evil, menacing and horrible. Duh.

Getting no answer, Elfarran takes it as a yes, and instead of walking back into the barracks, runs towards the path, looking suddenly very upset.

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