Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr

These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

Elfarran sits on the edge of her cot and stretches out, looking almost tired.

Orilee lies upon her own cot, pillows built up behind her head. Her legs stretch out as far as they'll go, the small shoeless feet crossed limply. A book is opened up before her, and drowsy hazel eyes delve into the depths of the story. Every-so often she lets forth a tiny chuckle of humor as each page is turned. Restless arms shift about as they grow weary holding up the pages.

Elfarran fluffs her pillow and nudges the sleepy canine over a bit, finding a place to stretch out, "Do you ever wonder what your lifemate will be like?"

Orilee quickly finishes the sentence before her, placing a finger between pages to mark the spot, and she shuts the book around it. Eyes blink as if adjusting to brighter images of un-imagination. She relaxes a bit against her pillows. "Sometimes... what he could be like...if I Impressed.." She smiles, turning her head toward Elfarran. "Do you?"

Elfarran rolls over onto her belly and props her head up in her hands, "He, hmmm? What colour do you want to impress?" She folds her feet up, and sleepily, Riverchaser goes and takes over a bit more of the cot.

Orilee sits back against her pillow, relaxing again. She carefully canine-ears the page of the book she's on, realizing she may not be back to the story all that soon. Book is put beside her, and she takes a deep breath. "Something big... like brown... but he has to be big..." Smiling, she inquires, "What about you?"

Elfarran blinks slowly, "I hadn't really thought about it, honestly. All dragons are so special, that I don't think it would matter." She smiles a bit, "To be honest, I don't know why dragons keep trying to search me, I don't expect to impress, even now."

Falcon glides in from the wide green commons outside.

Falcon chitters and makes all sorts of noise as he wings in. He circles around a few times, diving at sleeping candidates here and there, and then arrives on a perch.

Elfarran looks up at the fire lizard as he flies in, lying belly down and propped up on her hands as she talks to Orilee.

Orilee snickers to herself. "There's gotta be a good reason..." Smiling, the sentence ends at that. "But anyway, I do think about it, but I know I can't choose a lifemate... it's just fun to...." The sudden noise causes her thought to escape her. "What was that?" She shoves her head in her pillow as the firelizard is spotted to protect her face. "Mhis Mhhe Mhoone?" Pillow-talk.

On the perch, Chanteur lets out a reel of chatter toward Falcon at his surprise attack of the candidates. The blue takes a few steps away from Falcon, grasping talons about the perch, and swinging tail violently. Chirrup! Chitter-chatter. Wings ruffle once, twice, finally settling back again on his back.

Elfarran looks at Orilee, "What was that?" She smiles a bit, "And of course not, they choose us."

On the perch, Falcon just stares back rather stoically at Chanteur. What?

On the perch, Nightsky looks at the other brown and the blue, chirping, before staking out his own portion of the perch.

Orilee chuckles, lifting her head. She looks about, then giggles. "Oh, nothing... he's gone, I'm ok." She again props her head up against the pillows. "I wonder what brought that one in here... I've never seen 'im before..." She cocks her head, squinting, "Have you Elfy?" Of course, new candidates rushing in each day certainly bring their own pets, but... still...

On the perch, Falcon gives Orilee in particular a rather enigmatic look as he sits there.

Elfarran shakes her head, "I don't think I have, but between candidates and the folks living around here, he's bound to look to someone."

On the perch, Chanteur keeps one wary eye upon the body of Falcon, closing the other eye, and shoving snout behind left wing. He lets out a muffled chirp toward the room in general, before consenting to shut the remaining eye.

Orilee nods in response to Elfarran, but keeps her stare on the firelizard. "He's... giving me.. a look.." She scoots further away from Falcon's direction. "You don't think he'll... do anything.. do you?"

Elfarran giggles softly and shakes her head, "I seriously doubt it." She blinks, "Are you afraid of a little brown firelizard?"

Orilee looks over toward Elfarran, a slightly fearful expression on her face. "Maybe?" She'd list the reasons, but it might just give Falcon some ideas. "You never know what strange animals might do... especially ones who're...staring at me like that..." Her eyes shoot immediately back to Falcon.

On the perch, Falcon is just calmly Watching Orilee. Or maybe he isn't. It's hard to tell.

Elfarran giggles merrily, "He's a fire lizard, and a brown one, at that. He's a lot smaller than a brown dragon, even just a hatchling, and you aren't afraid of them, are you?"

Orilee shakes her head, laughing. "No, I suppose I'm not, but.. dragons are quite a bit smarter than firelizards..." Well, that's obvious. "More predictable.." She turns her look from Falcon. "So... you.. do you ever think about what your lifemate might be like?" Ignoring the firelizard is good. Ayup.

Elfarran hmmms softly, "Well, hopefully someone that works well with me. I'd hate to spend our lives constantly arguing over things." She smiles, "Other than that, well, I expect if I impress, it won't matter one bit."

Orilee nods. "Makes sense..." She suddenly lets out a gaping yawn. "Whew, I'm tired... I don't suppose I'll be getting back to the book..." Thus mentioned, the pages are plucked from their position at her side and deftly slid beneath her cot. Legs are tucked under sheets as her eyes flutter shut. "I've got to get to sleep... to wake up early tomorrow... G'nite Elffy!"

Elfarran smiles and stretches, before muttering a goodnight and pushing Riverchaser over again, as she curls up on her cot and goes to sleep as well.

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