Weyrhall - Monaco Weyr

This Hall rises in two open levels. High above the structure's center, a broad-beamed ceiling supports the slate-shingled roof. Carved wood from four massive trees provide pillars that are both functional and decorative. Bounding the entire open chamber is an upper tier with wide stairs affording access from the lower level.

The lower tier is arranged in grand style. Various tapestries adorn the lower walls, and tables, benches, and chairs are placed all about, allowing the entire Weyr's population to gather here. Built into the west wall, a large stone hearth houses a small fire that warms klah and some foods. Across the room, between the eastern pair of pillars, a large table stands laden with pitchers of juice and trays of food. Sitting next to the table are two casks of wine; one marked red, and stamped with a badge indicating it is from the vineyards of the North's Benden Hold, and the other, white with markings indicating origin in the newly-favored regions of the South upriver from the Paradise holding. Above the hearth is a large plaque upon which the symbol of Monaco Weyr, a particolored field of blue above white featuring a leaping dolphin, is emblazoned.

Elfarran walks in, going over and grabbing a glass of juice from the serving table. Lucky her, its a restday, which means plenty of time for her own thoughts.

Not to mention plenty of time for Kas to think as well. Always a bad thing - there's an evil grin on her face as she methodically shreds a piece of bread. "Morning, Elf."

Elfarran smiles as she makes her way over to sit down, "Good morning. How are you." She looks like she's finally sleeping better, at least, "Planning a prank?"

Kasmira eats one of the larger crumbs. "Me? I was just wondering how large an object a firelizard could carry. A small bell, for example."

Elfarran laughs softly, "It would have to be very small and light, but I suppose one could." She takes a sip of her juice, "I know they carry notes well."

Kasmira says "Maybe we should test it, with as many firelizards as we can get to do it?"

Elfarran hmmms softly, then blinks, "Well, once Nightsky is back. I sent him to take a message to my sister earlier today."

Kasmira says "I've Airi. Do any of the other candidates have firelizards?"

Elfarran looks thoughtful, then smiles, "Well, I think Orilee has one, but its really young. And I've seen a few others about as well.

Kasmira rubs her fingertips together, "Wonderful - all we need are the bells, now." Elfarran nods slowly, regarding the taller girl curiously.

Kasmira eats another crumb. "I'll find those. The lightest possible, I promise."

Elfarran nods again, not entirely convinced this isn't a prank in the planning, "Alright...and when Nightsky comes back, I'll see if I can coax him to carry one."

Kasmira says "Ask the other Candidates, too, would you?"

Elfarran grins, taking another sip, "I can do that."

Kasmira leans closer, says quietly, "And maybe we can send them all to S'renn's weyr, in the middle of the night."

Elfarran blinks slowly, turning faintly pink, "I think that would be a bad idea."

Kasmira says "Why?"

Elfarran's nose wiggles a little, "Well, it would wake him up, and he'd likely be annoyed." Yes, that's a good reason.

Kasmira says "He'll get over it..."

"But he'll know I had something to do with it...he knows Nightsky." Elfarran looks actually worried.

Kasmira says "In the middle of the night, in the dark, all firelizards look alike. They won't be there long, in any case."

Elfarran takes a deep breath and stares into her juice, "Why him, though? Why not someone else?"

Kasmira says "Who would you suggest? The Weyrleaders? It's a bit much, even for me. S'renn's the logical choice - what is wrong?"

Elfarran mumbles into her glass, looking rather uncomfortable, hair falling into her eyes.

Kasmira says "I didn't hear you."

Elfarran looks up, a bit red, "We could always send them to visit Auril, couldn't we? Or even the boy's barracks."

Kasmira says "S'renn'd be more fun - come on, Elf. He won't know you were involved."

Elfarran sighs a little, "I'll know, even if he doesn't. But, I told you I'd help." She goes back to staring into her juice glass, as if it holds answers.

Kasmira begins sweeping up the crumbs. "No - don't worry about it. I'll figure something else out."

Elfarran looks back up and shakes her head, "No, besides, I owe him for those bugs."

Kasmira ssems dubious, in turn. "If you're sure - then talk to the other Candidates who could help. I appreciate it."

Elfarran nods and smiles a bit, still looking vaguely moody, "Alright."

Kasmira says "How many do you think you can get?"

Elfarran tilts her head a little, "It all depends on how many have adult firelizards, or at least ones big enough to carry things."

Elfarran looks into her juice glass, then drains it, "I think I'm going to go for a swim."

Kasmira smiles. "All right - I'll see you later!"

Main Beach - Monaco Weyr

This long black sand beach extends as far as the eye can see in the west, but is broken to the east by the mouth of Monaco River. The sand sprawls in different formations; flat here near the Weyr buildings, with a slight fordune and then a broken basalt flat leading back up to the buildings. Wavy, rolling dunes rise across the river farther east. Occasional gusts of wind laden with sharp salt and mustier river scents riffle lighter sand over the flat beach, and from the quay at the western bank of the rivermouth comes the faint ring of clapper against bell.

Elfarran walks down from the terrace, looking thoughtful again. From somewhere she's picked up a towel and looks as if she's going to enjoy at least some of her restday with a swim.

S'renn has apparently slipped back from giving attention to the three lizards, curled up beside the young lad on one of the larger rocks of the black sands, and has went back to fluttering his fingers slowly across the pipe placed up against his lips, creating what sounds to be a type of lullaby.

Elfarran pauses, glancing at the rider, and looks almost as if she were about to turn around and go back, but doesn't, instead walking down towards the waves, making little sounds, not wishing to disturb the music.

Suddenly, S'renn's music begins to fade away, seeing that he has pulled the pipe away from his lips, only slightly, yet his eyes are closed, so he must not have noticed Elfarran making her way down the beach. "What do you think?... Too high? Yeah I thought so too," he mutters in a hushed voice, to apparently no-one, though those who know him should know better.

Elfarran pauses near the water, placing the towel down, and speaking about as quietly, "I thought it sounded pretty."

S'renn's eyes peek up from over the pipe, just as he was beginning to place it back up against his lips, yet pulls it back down slightly. "Well, its supposed to help someone fall asleep," The lad says while a slight smile causes the corners of his lips to curl up, "Lower sounds help anyone to fall asleep, so I'm testing it on Onareth," Even though the dragon is nowhere to be seen.

"Ah, getting ready, then?" Elfarran smiles wistfully, "I was going to go for a swim, but if that will disturb you, I can go elsewhere."

"Naw, you wouldn't be disturbing me at all," S'renn says as he places the pipe down within his lap, beside the slumbering blue hatching, oblivious to everything else, "I've had these three," he waves a hand at the fair of 'lizards around him, "To disturb me, but obviously my song worked on them." A light chuckle then slips out from his lips, just as he turns his eyes out on the sea, "Well.. Always helps to be prepared, doesn't it?... "

Elfarran smiles softly and nods, "You'll do well." She starts to shrug out of her things, down to undergarments good enough to swim in, "Good luck with it." and with that, she splashes into the waves and the shallower water to swim.

S'renn turns his eyes away from Elfarran, just to give her at least a little privacy, and begins to bring his pipe back up to the tips of his lips. "Thank you, Elfarran.." he says after a moment of just staring at the pipe, his lips retaining a light smile, before warning, "Don't go too far, the undercurrent is strong today."

Elfarran's eyes get dark for a moment, before she smiles, trying to speak with her normal cheerful sound, "I'll be careful."

"Thanks, I'm nice and warm here on this rock, so I wouldn't want to have to come out and get you," S'renn says with a wry smirk, glancing up towards the Candidate for just a second.

Elfarran nods slowly, a flicker going across her features, as she nods and makes a shallow sea dive into the water, swimming with the strong strokes of someone used to the sea.

Content with Elfarran's abilities, S'renn places the tip of his pipe back up against his lips, at first creating a low sound, almost too low to be heard, but quickly falls into the same song as before, maybe just an octave or two lower.

Elfarran swims a bit more, looking more like exercise then fun, before coming out of the water and perching on the towel, listening intently to the song.

The little blue within S'renn's lap awakens for just a moment, his lightly whirling blue-green eyes glancing up at the human for a moment, before letting out a tired chirp, deciding that it is much more logical to fall back asleep with such a drowsy sounding song. The brown and gold nearby, however remain quite asleep, so apparently this new tone works much better than the last, even though S'renn is paying no attention to anything else around him to notice.

Elfarran lies out on the towel, propping her chin in her hands, beginning to hum along in a soft contralto, not even really aware that she is.

S'renn's sharp ears apparently notice the humming, as he turns his eyes up away from the fluttering his fingers upon the pipe at his lips, and even though he doesn't crack a smile, his eyes dance with amusement, before dropping his attention back to his playing.

Elfarran blinks slowly, noticing she's humming along, and instead of stopping, continues. She might not be a harper, but she does have a pleasant enough voice.

S'renn's song ends, just at it had started, with that same note, yet it fits well with the entire theme of the song, and the lad allows the melody to just fade off, just listening, with his eyes closed.

Elfarran's humming continues for a beat longer, as she wasn't expecting it to stop, not then. She blushes a bit and sits up, letting wet locks fall into her face.

S'renn emits a light chuckle, just as he pulls the pipe away from his lips, only to slowly place it beside him upon the large rock. "I always thought that the Candidates should be able to keep a beat," The lad teases Elfarran just as a grin forms at his lips, "At least there is one."

Elfarran looks up, speaking in oddly quiet tones, "My mother wouldn't have let me get by without a little rythym." She glances down at her hands, "How...is Onareth doing?"

S'renn arches his eyebrows slightly at the tone at which the Candidate's voice has taken, yet he rolls his shoulders up and down in a shrug, before his eyes glaze over for a moment, when they return into focus though, he is grinning. "Onareth is fast asleep.. He must have been listening."

Elfarran nods slowly, "I'm glad your song works, I'm sure she'll like it."

"Yeah.. I suppose so," S'renn says with a light sigh shoulders rising with a light shrug, "Maybe there could be another use for it... Anyone having trouble sleeping that you know of?" He then inquires of the Candidate, tone light.

Elfarran looks up, remembering the dark circles, and smiles a little, "Someone. I'm sure it would work, but you've more important things to do then worry about sleepless candidates."

S'renn raises a skeptical eyebrow at Elfarran's direction, head shaking slowly, "Not much more it would seem.. Ever since I was taken off sweeps to assist with you Candidates, there hasn't been much for me to do.. Other than make sure that you were all at chores."

"Still, you've another baby to care for," she nods towards the littlest lizard, "And plenty of personal things to worry about, as well as Onareth." Elfarran looks at her hands, "And I've been sleeping alright the past few nights."

"Tis true," S'renn says with a slow nodding his head in Elfarran's direction while a hand comes to rub at the back of the little blue upon his lap, "And I do spend an awful lot of time with Onareth.."

Elfarran smiles softly, "You do seem to have a way with raising young, at least fire lizards." She looks out over the water, "And of course you do, you're lifemates."

S'renn lets a sweet smile form upon his lips as he looks back up towards Elfarran's direction, "Well, we'll see soon as to how I am with human children, now won't we?" A gentle sigh slips out from the lad while jaded-silver eyes pull up to the sky above, watching as the stars begin to form, "Hey, you never know, your lifemate may be in this clutch.."

Elfarran glances back at S'renn and smiles wistfully, "Perhaps..." she looks back over the water, "But, would it be better or worse then it is now, I wonder." The tone in her voice seems to suggest an aloud thought, probably not meant to be so.

"Better, Elfarran, better, trust me," S'renn says in a soft voice, probably barely audible, as he continues to watch the sky above.

Elfarran jumps a little, realizing she'd spoken aloud, then giggles, a bit forced, "I don't doubt better, in the long run, but its all a timing issue, Larenn....and right my timing couldn't be worse."

S'renn arches an eyebrow slightly as he turns his gaze back down upon the Candidate, though remains silent, quite possibly suspecting that was a thought spoken aloud as well.

Elfarran sighs a little, looking back up, "I think I should go, before I make a total fool of myself." She gets to her feet, gathering her things, "Say hello to Onareth for me, when he wakes up." With that, she starts making her way back towards the terrace.

Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr(#497RAFJ$)

These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

Elfarran walks in, still damp from a swim, holding clothes and a towel over one arm and looking moody again.

Orilee tends to take on the smell (or stench) of whatever job it seems she's set on, and today the smell of herdbeast rises from her clothes. She's settled upon her cot, Chanteur sitting next to her. What they're both doing may not be known, but her mind is taken off of the thoughts and brought back into reality as Elfarran trundles through the door. A little glance at with hazel eyes is given before she turns her head to the side, and looks toward her blue firelizard. (perhaps to keep from looking at Elf) "G'morning Elfy... How're you today?"

Elfarran smiles and nods slowly, still looking off of her normal mood, "I'm alright, I guess." She dries herself and changes into dry underthings, before putting on something practical for the warm weather, "I've a question for you."

Orilee nods, scritching the eyeridges of her firelizard. "What's the question?" She crosses her legs out in front of her, Chanty suddenly deciding to rise and take to sleeping at the foot of her bed. Flicking slightly irritated hands at him, she grumbles to herself "Phht... firelizards... moody..." and then focuses attention back up to Elfarran, awaiting the question.

Elfarran sits down on the edge of her cot, hair still very damp, "Well...Kasmira asked me if around, to see if anyone would help her with a project. She wants to see if fire lizards would carry bells."

Orilee stretches her arms a bit, then swings legs over the side of her cot and perches upon the edge. "I.. I don't see why they wouldn't... What kind of bells?" Chanteur gives a whuff, recognizing the word 'firelizard' and keeping an eye open to watch the two.

Elfarran nods slowly, "Light ones, of course, I don't think they could carry anything too large." She leans against the post, lowering her voice, "Do you know anyone else in here that has fire lizards?"

Orilee nods slightly again... "Well, if y'look on that perch..." She points out the firelizard perch, laden with a colorful array of firelizards, some sleeping, a few others in silent squabble over the branch on which they wish to sit. "And I know Val has one..."

Elfarran nods and smiles, "I'm afraid he might still be too young, but..." she lowers her voice even more, "She wants to send them to S'renn's wallow, in the middle of the night." Hopefully noone hears her.

Starset is fast asleep, sprawled up on one of the still yet untaken cots, chest slowly rising and falling with every sleepy breath.. So obviously he hasn't heard a thing.

Orilee lifts her eyebrows, suddenly, and widens her eyes. Curiosity skyrockets.

"S'renn's wallow... but... what would bells..." Suddenly she begins to contemplate a few things. She lowers her voice just then, "Why does she want to send them to S'renn's wallow?"

Elfarran shrugs slightly, "I'm not certain, perhaps because he's one of our candidate coordinators?" She closes her eyes, "I am uncertain if this is wise, but we'll see."

Orilee weaves her arms across her chest. It seems the girl's explanaition was not good enough. "If what is wise?" Hmm?

Elfarran opens her eyes again, "With my luck, we'll be caught, and I'm not sure I could bear that."

Orilee sighs, shaking her head, and then silently scooting toward Elfarran. Whispered is, "Caught, doing /what?/" Chanteur is a bit irritated at the whole 'scooting across the cot' move, and stands, letting out a small 'Chirp,' which, in the softness of their speech, seems--at least to Lee--to echo throughout the barracks. She rolls her eyes and waves a hand out to shush him.

Elfarran whispers, "Playing a prank. I've never....not last time, not this time....until now."

Teague chooses this moment to return to the barracks, immodestly stripping off a shirt rank with the morning's chores' sweat only to fetch another out of his press. His, "Morning," is more grumbled than spoken.

Orilee grins, a truely evil grin. She lets forth a slight cackle. "What're you.. what're you planning to do.. to S'renn? I assume..." She swiftly hushes, watching Teague walk by. A hand is held up in a small crinkle, and an innocent smile displayed. Yes, innocent. As soon as he passes, she immediately looks back toward Elfarran.

Elfarran looks up from the cot and nods, growing silent. A soft woof is from her cot, as Riverchaser rises from a nap for a moment. She shakes her head, "It wasn't my idea, honest."

Orilee leans even further toward Elf. "Goodness gracious girl... what're you two planning to do?"

Elfarran sighs softly, speaking very softly, "The bells...." She sighs, "But then, he planted bugs on us last time....."

Whatever the girls are plotting, Teague's concentration's on dressing: after pulling on that fresh shirt and fastening his knot back to the garment's shoulder, he stoops briefly to knock a speck of dirt off his left boot.

Orilee runs a hand through her hair, anticipation bursting forth. "The bells... what with the bells....?" C'mon, Elf... Shaking her head, she turns toward Chanteur. "Gah.. I dunno if I want you out there, little one... with Onareth and everything... he might just hurt you..." Scritch, scritch. "But bells... I wonder..."

Something of the conversation finally reaches Teague's ears, and he, too,wonders, "Bells?" as he turns toward Orilee and Elfarran.

Orilee blinks, swirving her head toward Teague. Taking a deep breath, she looks at Elfarran (who seems to be in a bit of a trance) and back to Teague. "Shh..." Placing a finger to her lips, she leans toward Teague. "Not so loud..."

If anything, Teague only pitches his voice that much louder. "What do you mean, not so loud?" he intones, his smile turned sadistic. "Are you two talking about something you don't want *S'renn* to hear?"

Orilee sits up straighter than before. "No... no.. why do you ask?" Grin.

"Right," Teague allows, dubiously, and once more clears his throat in an effort to pull S'renn's slumbering firelizard out of dreamland. "You're up to no good."

Orilee places hands on her hips, and glares at Teague, attempting to sound sincere. "I am not." Hmph. But a bit of a weary eye casts looks over toward the delicate situation with firelizard and sleep.

Orilee sighs, nodding. "Yes.. " She scoots again toward the middle of her cot and begins to go through her hair with a comb. Innocent is she.

Elfarran shakes her head a little and looks at Teague, "You know, I'm beginning to think I don't like you." She sighs, looks at Orilee and then lies down on her cot, staring up at the ceiling.

Teague lifts his shoulders in a mild shrug, supposes, "I'll try not to lose any sleep over that;" but can't help but add, "It is sort of strange, I'll say, to have someone who was lecturing me and Duncan, a sevenday or two ago, about why it was so important to be Perfect Candidates, now turn around and plan some kind of mischief."

Elfarran sits up and stamps a small, sandaled foot, "I _didn't_ plan it, and I only agreed because I didn't want her to know." She looks angry, another emotion unusual to the girl, "And all I said is that there was a reason for the work. Not like I was planning to drop things and _shirk_ work."

Elfarran continues, "And if you want to go and tell him about this, then I'll report _that_ to him."

Teague's hardly impressed by this little tirade, nor the threat, and suggests, cheerfully, "Feel free; worst that happens is I get kicked out of Candidacy, when I was never really all that big on being here to begin with. Unlike..." Pause, and he pins Elfarran with a stare. "Some. Who apparently live and breathe for the chance to be a dragonrider."

Elfarran snorts softly, still seething, "For your information, I don't live and breathe for that either. I'm a healer, but a dragonhealer, and if my friend thinks I belong here, I'm not going to argue." She smiles a bit, "And nothing forced you to be here, but I'm wondering how you ever became a healer, with an attitude like that. And no one forced you to say yes."

Orilee has fixed her runnertail into a perfect little bun all during the little skirmish between Elf and Teague, and now sits relaxed upon her cot, arms settled behind her to prop her head up. This is fun. A good show. Anyone got some popcorn? Smile.

Teague doesn't seethe, doesn't even raise his voice -- indeed, that nfuriatingly pleasant smile still curves his lips. "Nobody forced me, s'truth, but easier to agree and cope, and make things a little more bearable 'til it's all over, than deal with a disappointed aunt. As for the rest?" He waves a dismissive hand. "I got to be a Healer because I see people who're sick or hurting, and I know I can fix them. And I do, and I'm good at it, and I enjoy it. Attitude? I don't think you'd know attitude if it swam up out of the sea and bit you on the rear-end; there's rather a world of difference between doing what you love and what you're good at, and wasting time doing drudge-work."

Elfarran lies back down, "You are the most disagreeable person I've ever met."

"You must not get out much," decides Teague, and *still* with that light smile curving his lips, climbs to his feet. "Drink less klah, Elfarran; you might loosen up a little."

Elfarran rolls over, "I never touch the stuff, actually, and I was including dragons in that comparison." She actually smirks, "Even Leyrith was more agreeable, and she was trying to bury us in hot sand."

Another shrug ripples Teague's shoulders, and as he picks up his feet todepart the barracks, he muses, "It's interesting, really, that you're the only person at Monaco who doesn't get along with me -- aside from most of the riders, anyway. So chin up, Elfarran: the way you behave, you should fit in just fine, here, if you do Impress."

Teague walks off northwestwards to the wide green commons outside.

Elfarran sighs and rolls over to her other side, "I really don't like him." She sighs again, "I think maybe I should just give up."

Orilee sighs too, watching Teague leave. "Well, he's ok... but... give up what? Fighting him? No..." It's fun to watch.. "He just disagrees with you, that's all." She lays back on her pillow, placing hands behind her head.

Elfarran giggles softly, though it lacks cheer, "No, on guys. They're either taken or disagreeable, or just to young." She sighs a bit, "And besides, I don't have the patience to learn how to deal with them, other then as a friend."

Orilee sits up, fluffs her pillow, and lays back on it. "Yea, I suppose that's right. All of the good ones are taken." Her mind trails off into thought for a moment. "And you certainly must have a wealth of patience to deal with them."

Elfarran laughs wryly, "Oh, its easy to deal with them as friends and brothers....I'm still trying to figure out why I'm fighting with Teague anyway, we used to get along."

Orilee shrugs tired shoulders. "I know... he seems a bit edgy now that he's been Searched... I remember when he was talking to me about being Searched. He certainly didn't sound like he was too enthusiastic about it."

Elfarran sighs softly, "As if its my fault?" She smiles wryly, "Though, truth be told, I've been edgy too, for my own reasons."

Orilee giggles. "Oh... I've been a bit complainish myself, having to learn and do all the things I hated as a child, and was hoping to get away from... but now I'm doing them again. Not that it's bad or anything, just puts me in strange moods." Smile.

Elfarran sits up, "Have you ever been in love and with someone in love with someone else?"

Orilee smiles, sitting up as well, and crossing her legs in front of her. "Actually... I'm not sure I've ever really been in love. Not much love on a trade wagon.... and then... here... I can honestly say I haven't." And then, curious, she asks, "Have you?"

Elfarran nods slowly and looks absolutely miserable for a moment, before smiling, "That's the reason I've been so on edge." She doesn't mention the half of it, but then, that's just how she is.

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