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Help 4 webtv

using html can seem difficult and confusing at times

here is an easy step by step way of adding html to

your website or e-mail signature for pics and sounds

I wrote this because I to have webtv and know learning

html can be a little tough.

once you get the hang of it.You will have alot of fun!   

lesson 1 Adding a picture to your e-mail


















Go to webtv mail screen and click on settings, then find and click on signature (mine is top right) You will see a black box. go to the box and press enter. Your curser must be blinking in the box to enter text. Go to the top left corner of the box and enter the following: <html><img src="  you must have this 100% right or it will not work! That is the first part of your code, Now you need to add the address of the pic itself. To do this you must first find a pic that webtv can see, then follow these steps

                                   1 click on the pic.

2 press back on your keyboard.

3  press options on your keyboard.

4 press goto in options

5 press show last in options

you should see the address popup in the bar above. (you may use the pic at the top of this screen to practice with.) now copy the address and add it to the end of the code you just added to your signature box. It should look something like this:

<html>img src="

We are almost done! now to add the ending html, go to the last letter of the address you just added into your signature box and type the following:


 you whole code will look something like this:

<html><img src="http://www.network316.comjpg13"></html>

that's it! now go to mail a letter and you should see your image in your e-mail!

next lesson will be adding a pic to your website