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Roster champions are in red 


wrestlers name Height Weight From Finisher Catch phrase
Morimoto 6'3 225 Japan Superkick American's are week people!
Great Cuda 5'9 270 Hell Fireball hell U will die and burn in Hell!
Psycho Kidd 5'11 220 Madison state hospital Psycho driver your ass is grass I'm going to smoke it.
Brian Damage 6'6 280 Boston Damage control stunner It's time for some Damage control.
Road kill 6'5 300 unknown Amish splash Chickens!
Wintercelt 6'2 210 Scotland Winterstorm NA
Blood brother 6'8 245 unknown unholy spew NA
Raven 6'5 250 Knoxville IA Evenflow What about me what about Raven
Roadie 6'4 279 unknown Sharpshooter I am the Hard core submission wrestler
Hellraiser 7'0 324 Las vagas, Navada  Hells chokeslam NA