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Enigmatic and powerful, this once proud race now finds itself on the verge of extinction. A battle now wages across the cosmos to restore the prophesied One, for she is the key to their salvation.

Their clan based culture tends to make outsiders view them as barbaric and primitive, and though this is true in some cases, as a whole they are far from it. Each of the Clans, based around an animal Spirit, holds sway over certain aspects of the culture, tending to specific needs of the whole. The very essence of magic permeates and constitues their forms and their culture, and those who have discovered them throughout the milennia have sought to take such power for themselves.
It is one such incident, which resulted in the greatest of wars among them, that has set their countdown to extinction in motion. Now each of the survivors, from the proud and regal Clan Dragon, to the peace-loving folk of Clan Unicorn, band together in what oft seems a feeble attempt to hold onto everything they know and are based around.
All save two disparate factions. One being the vile and murderous Clan Snake, who most believe to have been almost completely eradicated. The second faction is that of the Outcasts. These are folk who never fit into their appointed roles in life, and were lucky enough to survive being cast aside. Lucky being a relative term, as a large part of them never find peace even amongst those like themselves.

For general Ostellian information, continue perusing this page. Those wishing to see information based on specific Clans may view the following links:

General Racial Abilities:

Optional Racial Feats:
If you wish to select any of the optional Feats below during character creation, you may do so by selecting a Flaw of the appropriate value (Minor or Major) from the General Flaws list.
If a Feat on this list is not marked as having to be selected at the time of character creation, then you may choose the Feat anytime you have a Feat slot open (without a Flaw being required).
* Indicates that the Feat requires a Minor Flaw.
** Indicates that the Feat requires a Major Flaw.
# Indicates this Feat may only be selected at 1st level.

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