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Autumnal Equinox

The people at Dundy Manor
Sir Herry Gwenalin of Dundy
Sir Herry holds Dundy from his uncle,the Earl of Biren. He is currently 29 years of age. Sir Herry is married to Lady Tamia, father of three children (Tamas, Annora and Aysa) and has a grandmother ( Lady Aysa) and two younger brothers ( Sir Aelwith and Jedmon.

Sir Herry is a mite conservative in his views and takes his position as the head of the family seriously.

Lady Tamia Gwenalin ( b. Melesen of Thay)
Lady Tamia has recently reached her 26th year. Married to the Lord of Dundy, she sometimes goes overboard trying to be the Lady. But she has a good heart and is mostly liked by the people around her.

She has three children (Tamas, Annora and Aysa).

Lady Aysa Gwenalin
Grandmother from father's side to the Gwenalin brothers. Will celebrate her 66th birthday on the day of the Autumnal Equinox 719 TR.

Lady Aysa is known for her excentrics and interest in Astrology. Some whisper that she has even more mysterious interests. With considerable wealth on her own accord, she nevertheless prefers to reside in Dundy.

Datia Felp

Datia is the Lady-in-Waiting for Lady Aysa. She has been at Dundy since Peonu. She chose to seek employment as alternative to marriage.

Datia's father was the Bailiff of Cad Manor, near Cherafir, and her brother holds it now. Though noble her family is not wealthy, which is why her brother was so eager to marry off his eldest sister, Datia.

The young lady seems to be quite content at Dundy though she may miss Cherafir. Datia clearly fond of Lady Aysa and does not mind listening to her endless stories.

Sasanna Warin Sasa was Lady Tamias nurse from the time the girl was two. She followed her mistress to Dundy from Thay. Sasa is very loyal to Lady Tamia and even at the age of 48 refuses to retire.
Yolande Gwenalin
Yolande is a third cousin of Sir Herry, Sir Aelwith and Jedmon. She is quite beautiful with her wheaten gold hair and gray eyes, a fact she knows well. She takes pride in being named after Queen Yolanda of Emelrene. At Dundy she acts as Lady Tamia's Lady-in-Waiting.
Errin Sliem Sir Herry's trusted man. He acts as the Chamberlain and the Steward. It is Errin who really runs the household, even when Sir Herry and Lady Tamia are in residence. In his youth he is said to have sailed the seas and he certainly looks the part.
The Staff There is also a Cook, an Alewife, two kitchen maids and five domestics in the Manor. An Ostler and three stapleboys take care of the mounts, a Gardener and his apprentice keep the grounds looking neat. These and some others may appear here when/if it becomes actual.
Sir Ymil Gwenalin
The younger brother of Sir Herry. Sir Aelwith inherited Rolona from their mother. Sir Ymil has been away for some five years studying at the Temple of Save-Knor.
Rekkard Gwenalin

Rekkard is acting as the Squire for Sir Ymil and hopes to be knighted in the next two years. Currently 18, he is the youngest of the three brothers.
Elyan Melesen
Elyan is the eldest daughter of Artar Melesen, one of the senior Aldermen of Thay. She was supposed to accompany her father to Dundy for the party, but he was taken ill. Since her father is very much in favor of the possible match between Elyan and a certain merchant visiting, he insisted that Elyan goes anyway. Elyan is 19 years of age.
Sir Darlane of Artal
Sir Darlane holds Esalain Manor from the Earl of Biren. Esalain is situated just outside the Thay Walls. Sir Darlane is longstanding friend of the local Gwenalin branch and is likely to bring several barrels of his best Apple Cider with him. This makes Sir Darlane one of the most awaited guests among the villagers.
Lady Narena, Lady Darla, Lady Niatha and Sir Darryn of Artal The Family of Sir Darlane of Artal from Esalain Manor. Lady Narena is in her early 40s, the daughters are 18 and 16 and the heir apparent, Sir Darryn, 23.

Should anyone want to make an appearance as one of these people, you are invited to e-mail the Gamemaster.

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