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Autumnal Equinox

Melderyn, Aleta Hundred in mid Agrazhar, 719 T.R.

Dundy Manor is bustling with activity. In just a bit over a tenday it will be the Autumnal Equinox which as it happens coincides with the birthday of Lady Aysa, the Matriarch of this branch of the Gwenalin family. It has become a tradition to host a feast at Dundy on the Day of the Equinox to celebrate the Old Lady and the end of Harvest as well.

The highborn and the peasants all await eagerly the big day. The villagers will have their own fest down by the lake, while nobilty from neighbouring manors and sometimes ever further away gather in Dundy Manor. As customary, the Gwenalins of Dundy have also invited some of the most important Merchants from Thay. This custom is not unequivocally accepted by all the nobles.

Regrettably, the Earl of Biren is unable to attend this year as he has gone to plead the King to put an end to the Soloran Crusade. There is, however, something remarkably different this year. Lady Aysa has invited a famous Astrologer from Cherafir to read the stars for any guest who so wishes. As if this wasn't enough to make the Ladies want to attend, it has been whispered that Sir Herry's unmarried younger brother has returned home after several years of absence.

The first guests will start to arrive several days before the Equinox and last year the last guest stayed until the end of Halane. Though as hospitable as anyone the Gwenalins secretly hope that this does not become a tradition. To see the guest list, map of the surroundings or to read what has happened this far follow the links below:

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