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I will try to do a new simple layout for Ruin Age but it will take me a little while.

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Well, hello peoples welcome to this new page. Like always I will try to update. The Thoughs Shrine although depressive is more likely to be updated than the rest of the site. It has been a two years since this site has been up.

7/mar/00-Made this page and probably gonna fix some other things.
29/apr/00-Well, spring break ended and I had one week of classes, thank god there are only 3 more weeks left. I am gonna add Grey to the Members list. I guess that will be all for now.
7/may/00-Not so many school days left, but finals will be coming *insert loud scream*. I am bored though and I am testing  midi player for you to enjoy.
3/june/00-I am in vacations, YAY. Just changing a few things from the site.
22/june/02-I am again in vacations and many things have happened. I am going to try to do some work on the site and also add the ending page of the game and start making the new one.
25/June/02-The END of the rpg has been made.

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