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Did you know that you can create Hotkeys and assign them to the various pages in your spellbook!

This makes finding spells soooo much faster, and makes you quicker in combat situations.

Now each class (person) will want to set theirs up differently,

but I will use references to the druid spells as those are the ones I'm most familiar with.

The first and most important step is to set your spell book up.

Arrange the spells in the order that makes the most sense to you.

Then take a piece of paper and jot down what spells are on each page.

For example: Page 1 equals buffs.

Page 3 equals attack spells.

Page 5 equals root spells.

And so on
Then go to the Socials and pick an empty page.

Click on the first buton and name it

Mine is "Buffs"

Then on the second line type "/book 1" and click done.

You have just created a "hotkey" to your spellbook!

Do this for every page in your spellbook that you want linked to a hotkey.

Now - being the kind of person I am, I even went so far as to color coordinate some of the "hot keys".

I made the buffs - purple, attack - red, root - green, invis - yellow and so on.

You can change the text color on your hot keys by clicking on the box in the right of the social box where it says "text color"

just keep clicking till you get a color you like.

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