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It should be known that we are a serious guild, dedicated to making this a fun endeavor for all involved.

As stated in the history this guild is based on, we uphold honor and respect, and as such our spoken word is our bond.

There will be no racial comments in the guild as we will be a neutral guild allowing all races to join our ranks so long as they follow the rules set forth herein.

As a guild we should all strive to work together....if a member is in trouble and needs should be given by whom ever is closest and most readily available. Provided they are of an appropriate level to render such assistance.

There will be no dueling between guild members

You will not turn down a duel, if challenged, when it is in defense of your guilds honor.

There will be NO begging, kill stealing, wrongful acts or any act that might harm another guild member.

No member will deliberately profit from an item that a fellow guild member could use, if it is within your means to sell it to them. (This does not mean that you must sell all items to guild members at a loss or drastically reduce a price, it simply means if you have an item someone needs give them first chance at it)

The use of the Anonymous tag will not be allowed unless you are on a specific mission approved by the Guild Counsel. Or without prior approval. You should be proud of your guild, and proud to wear the title at all times.

We request that all new applicants to the guild be atleast 10 seasons old (This rule holds unless you have special permission or are admitting another character of someone already in the guild)

There will be no penalties imposed upon those who have characters in other guilds.

Failure to follow these rules will result in banishment from the guild

These rules are subject to change by a full vote of the officers.

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