Crystal RPGs Previews
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Serphant's Sword: The Mylian Chronicles is the latest project from Crystal RPGs. Check out the demo!marquee>

Preview of Sailor Moon: Dark Moon Crisis (Download 5.63MB)
Crystal RPGs is currently working on the latest addition to its RPGs. Sailor Moon: Dark Moon Crisis is based on the popular anime started over in Japan by Naoko Takeuchi. In around 1995 the series came ot the U.S. and was a success. The basic storyline so far is that Sailor Moon and the other scouts have been having some bad dreams lately. One day, those dreams become a reality when Sailor Mini Moon falls from Crystal Tokyo and tells of how a huge explosion wiped out most of Crystal Tokyo. The scouts quickly learn that the Dark Moon is behind this and that they have captured Sailor Pluto and are using the Door of Time to capture the other scouts and try to control Earth. Now Sailor Moon and the rest of the scouts must fight for love and justice and win the scouts back.

Sailor Moon: Dark Moon Crisis is due out this summer. Check out the preview of it!

Here are some screenshots of Sailor Moon: Dark Moon Crisis:

The Sailor Moon: Dark Moon Crisis Theme Is The MIDI That Is Playing.