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Download Serphant's Sword: The Mylian Chronicles (about 5%done)

Serphant's Sword: The Mylian Chronicles

In the land of Mylia there is a war raging on between the people of Mylia and the followers of the Dark Lord. The queen of Mylia also is a mysterious goddess whose soul job is to protect the sacred blade: the Serphant's Sword. The Dark Lord wants to gain control of Mylia and become the most powerful being in all of Mylia. To do this he seeks the Serphant's Sword. The goddess is soon in dire trouble and must seal away the Serphant's Sword and her son, who is the heir to the throne. Now only her young son knows where the sacred blade is...the only problem is she had to seal away his memories... 15 years later the young boy grows strange visions are flooding his mind. What is to come of Mylia? Game Stats:

-Designer: Celebi

-Type: RPG

-Size: 778 KB