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Welcome to the CHC GDC webpage. This is the official webpage for any release dates, news, upcoming events, downloads or anything else concerning the club. As a sterotypical good page, we are always under construction, so check back often for new stuff!

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4/01/02 I've been working really, really hard... Ha! Ha! APRIL FOOLS!!!
Actually, I've done yet a bit more... here's another fine piece of concept art... a cutaway of Subitaera, the city beneath the salts... (Okay... the idea is that there's a huge salt flat, where saltwater lake used to be. After the apocalyptic cannon-firing with the EM pulse, the lake drained into a huge hole on the lakebed created by an earthquake. The water sank down into a large subterranian cavern, which now is home to a quite advanced group of people. (Big cities, high tech... very polluted.) The water in the cavern is toxic, but the people of Subitaera purify it for drinking. Etc... Etc....
3/27/02 Yeah, yeah, yeah... More, more, more...
Hey all- a new drawing is up and online.... it's the underground tunnel system.
3/2/02 Yeah, yeah, yeah... Concept IS actually doing something...
Hey all, it's Herda. Here's what I got for y'all in terms of concept art... tell me what u think.


2/23/02 Jason again
Ugh! Curse this eternal Angelfire! After a few more hours I managed to make a members page, as well as updating the character page with descriptions of the characters.
2/21/02 This is Jason
After 2 hours of trying to figure out how to use angelfire i figured out and decided to slightly update this sorely updated page. I added characters page and this address will lead you to Shindledeckers Plot. I hope to update again, if this acursed webpage making site isn't to complicated for me.
12/21/01 It's HERDA!!!!
Hey all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hannukah.... whatever one you prefer. I just wanted to post some pics I made of Eudera, mainly for Dom to see, but I thought you'd all like to see them too.

11/30/01 Ahem.. And so it begins!
Dom here:

Just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the storyline. After some [cafeteria fries enchanced] brainstorming, we have now formulated the main goal for the plot.

Very soon we will have the reference docs for the story up here.

Until then I leave you with a rendering of the Jupiter Cannon in the game:

The Jupiter Cannon
[Click for a larger image]

Dom's Shameless Plug:
Sonic The Hedgehog: Desert Run

Ok, everyone keeps insisting that this is really cool, so I am going to post it here. It is a fully playable Sonic the Hedgehog fangame coded totally by Dom C. The graphics are from Sonic 3, and the opening and closing pics were made by Ryan. It only took me about 16 hours to make [about half a coding session by my standards]. Note that besides from being a game, this is totally unrelated to the club except as a graphics demonstration. Check it out, its about 500k:

Download it here
11/19/01 NEW Screenshots! Bigtime Progress
Ok, you have to check these out: These are screenshots from the latest demo. The signifigance of this demo is the introduction of the new 3DDF file format [which stands for 'Three Dimensional Dominic File'. Vain, yes, but I worked for 18 hours to make this work correctly so I can put my name in the file format].

Here's how it works: We create our models/geometry in 3D Studio, then export them as an ASE file, then I have a converter program that makes a custom file format [the 3DDF] and then I have the main engine read in the file and generate a mesh from it.

The result is quite nice....

One important note...
This sample uses DirectX, NOT OpenGl. I have switched to the DirectX API because it seems like the more powerful and raw thing to use at this time. However, OpenGL fans, do not despair, for as you know, this code could easily, easily be rewritten for OpenGL.

There are only a few limitations right now as to what we can and can't export, but I am working on these.

Right now, the file contains vertex and triangle data, face normals [which may be removed soon], texture coordinates, and transform info. It is set up so that we can do a frame transform hierarchy with no problem.

A couple of things not implemented just yet...
As you noticed, I'm sure, there is no material information included. I just have to add this small material to make the scenes way better. Also, vertex shading will be implemented soon and lighting [the lights shown above are just generic lights I put in the scene, they were not contained in the model. That is why the lighting looks so wierd]

As soon as I tidy up the source a bit, I'll post it for all the people who followed what I was saying up to this point...

10/29/01 Plot Summary Idea
Plot summary update is available. It's only a beginning, but Dom and I agree on the information layed out in it, and it may become the plot for the Demo. Consider it, and have an open mind. Get it HERE.
9/23/01 Demo Now Available!
Ok, here it is... what you've all been waiting for... the first working demo of the game! Check out the downloads page for the link! Although there are no objectives, you can walk around in a fully textured 3D environment. Definately worth a look. Check it out Here.

As a quick note, I am not yet releasing the source to the demo just yet. I have tons of stuff I need to fix with this code. If anyone really wants to see the code [even in its messy state], just drop me an email at, and I'll be happy to let you have a look.

7/26/01 New Screenshots!
Check it out - the first screenshots of the game! Although there really is no objectives/things to see, the basic level structure is in place. I've been working on this demo for the past 2 weeks from early morning to [well, really early moring] They look pretty nice, if I say so myself.

Click for larger image
Check it out on the downloads page!

The source code to this latest version is a bit messy, so I'll post it once I clean it up.

7/21/01 Updated Source and Graphics Updates
There's been a major change with the way the game will draw its graphics. It has been decided that we will no longer use Direct3D for the graphics, but instead use OpenGL. We will still use DirectX for everything else, but not for graphics.

Also, a new version of the source code has been posted, but this one is radically different.

The code has now been converted to a Win32 application, and all the initialization for OpenGL is in place. Also, some other small changes and optimizations were made.

7/2/01 BETA Source Code Available
Dom C. has just finished the first two releases of the code. Please don't be mistaken. This code is not a BETA demo of the game, it is the basis for which we will build the game. Have a look at it at the Download page.

6/29/01 Project Changes - Now Open Source
After thinking about this for a long time, we knew that this game was going to be huge and would need a lot of work. We also knew that there were a lot of other people out there who would like to know how this stuff works. The more people that can benefit not just from the game itself, but of the ideas and concepts behind it, the more successful this project would be. It is with this in mind that we have made the game open source. This means that the source code to the game will be free to anyone to look at and take ideas from.

4/3/01 Grand Opening!
        Welcome to the CHC GDC official website. Here you can find the latest updates and information about our game, codenamed Project Epsilon. Click on the links on the left to find out more. More to come soon!

Dom C.