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There is a shiver of dark emptiness splintering around you as the stasis field holding you suddenly dissolves...

Welcome to the Duchy of Archology

Archology is a place of beginning...of growth and life. It is a part of the universe that allows beings of all origins to come and live in peace and harmony. It is a place that seeks to let each develop their highest potential. It is a place that encourages friendships of all kinds to grow or give refuge to those seeking peace and solitude.

A place that each can call....


Planets Proclamation Dos and Don'ts Trade WINGS

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Archology is not a democracy. As duchess, I reserve all the rights and privileges extended to my domain and rank. I will endeavor to exercise these rights as I deem necessary for the good of the duchy.

As duchess, I want Archology to be a place of fun and family. My desire is to see Archology develop into a FAMILY where friendships are made both in game and outside the game. Knowing how families are...disputes or disagreements may occur. But... as families do so well they work things out and help one another. Characters are people and people have feelings.

The Golden Rule still works:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

~*A*~ Duchess Von ~*A*~

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* Duchy Meetings

Please attend duchy meetings when they are announced. These meetings will be for general discussion of duchy events, updates, or possible changes.

* Activity

An active duchy is a happy duchy. The duchess asks that you participate in all duchy events when possible, spreading good will, recruiting new players to Archology, and helping to develop lower ranks.

* The Com

Remember anything said on the com channel can only be heard within the duchy. The Archology com is open and all are encouraged to use it. The duchess asks that you show respect and courtesy to others when talking on the com.

* Planets

You've worked so hard to get your planet now you can really make it yours. Stock planets are welcome but one that shows off your talents and fantasies is much more fun and interesting. The duchess asks that you develop your planet layout as soon as you can. One stipulation when designing your planet: NO DD LOCS.

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The running of your exchange is up to you. The duchess will gladly answer any questions you may have or give you her humble advice if asked. Manuals on the Federation Website are very helpful. Talking with your duchymates is a great resource for learning to run an exchange. Trading in Archology is a matter of concern for all pos and especially the duchess. You are asked to follow the trading practices listed below:

* Squires keep at least 100 meg minimum in your planet treasury until you have make at least 3 builds.

* Trade within the duchy first! If you cannot find a good price for a commod within the duchy, trade with one of the pos who are members of WINGS.

* Keep tax rate set at 0 unless doing a groat transfer. We want to encourage trade and taxes will not do that.

* Supply commods to fellow duchymates when asked is expected in order to support duchy members in their efforts to promote.

* WINGS duchy members can be determined by asking. Please support the duchess in this effort of friendly trading and social activity.

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~*A*~ WINGS ~*A*~

Archology is a member of the group called WINGS. The group is made up of duchies whose leadership have joined to create an environment in Fed that caters to fun and friendship.

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