Halfling Names

    Halflings typically have two given names, the first being a personal, and the second a family name.   The family name is passed down through paternal lineage, and typically remains constant over time.  Females take the family name of their husband upon marriage.  Many halflings also possess one or more earned names, names or titles given to an individual after some important event.  It is not uncommon for a halfling with an earned name to use his first name and eanred name only when introducing himself.

Milo Bunce or Milo Slyhand (Male)
Jenny Gardner or Jenny Stoutleaf (Female)

Personal Names (Male)

Adalgrim Adelard Alton
Andwise Anson Balbo
Bandobras Beau Bill Bingo Bodo Bolger
Bungo Cade Calkin Cotman Cottar Drogo
Dudo Eldon Falco Fastolph Filibert Flambard
Fosco Garret Genrill Griffo Halfred Hildigrim
Hob Holman Kepli Largo Longo Lotho
Lyle Milo Minto
Morro Mosco Mungo
Odo Olo Osborn Otho Paldo Peregrin
Pervince Pimpernell Polo Ponto Porto Posco
Ronald Rorimac Roscoe Rufus Sam Sancho
Saradac Seredoc Theadric Tolman Wellby Wilcome

Personal Names (Female)

Amranth Amaryllis
Angelica Aspodel Belba
Belladonna Berylla Camellia Carissa Celandine Charmaine
Cora Crystal Daisy Diamond Donamira Dora
Eglantine Elanor Esmerelda Euphemia Gilly Gwiston
Hilda Jillian Lavinia Lily Lidda Lobelia
Malva Marigold May Melindy Mentha Merla
Mimosa Mirabella Myrtle Pansy Pearl Pedderee
Peony Petrilly Poppy Portia Primula Prisca
Rose Ruby Seraphina
Susannah Verna Viloet

Family Names 

Amster Ashworthy Bandawax Boffin Bolger Bracegirdle
Brownlock Brushgather
Bullroarer Bunce Burrows Chubb
Cotton Dale Dudley Gammidge Gamwich Gardner
Goodbarrel Goodbody Greenbottle Greenspan Grub Hamson
Heathertoe Highhill Hilltopple Hornblower Jallisall Kaese
Kalliwart Leagallow Lindenbrook Marmidas Melilot Millbridge
Milliciny Montajay Newtan Oldfur Orgulas Ostgood
Overhill Quettory Shortwick Sire Talbot Tealeaf
Thorngage Tighfield Tosscobble Trill
Underbough Weatherbee

Earned Names (prefix) 

Amber- Brown- Cold- Crazy- Curly- Earth-
Far- Fast- Fat- Fire- Flow- Forest-
Free- Glitter- Good- Great- Green- Hairy-
Honor- Healthy- Home- Hot- Laughing- Lightning-
Little- Many- Moon- Nimble- Plump- Pretty-
Quick- Rain- Road- Running- Scatter- Shadow-
Silver- Simple- Sky- Slow- Sly- Smooth-
Spring- Sprout- Stout- Sun- Swift- Tall-
Travelling- Under- Warm- Water- Wet- Wild-

Earned Names (suffix) 

-Ale -Arrow -Body -Bones -Bottom -Bread
-Brother -Burrow -Caller -Cloak -Digger -Drum
-Eye -Fellow -Fingers -Flower -Foot -Fox
-Ghost -Goat -Gold -Grass -Hand -Head
-Heart -Hearth -Hill -Lady -Leaf -Letters
-Maker -Man -Map -Mind -One -Pipe
-Shadow -Shaker -Sister -Skin -Sleep -Stick
-Stoat -Swan
-Talker -Taunt -Tender
-Wanderer -Wecd -Will -Wind -Wit -Wolf
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