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Wondering were the other games went? Just go to the next Link Page. But other than that, WELCOME to the links pages. As you know, from here you can travel all around to some of my favorites sites that contain great games. If one of these links dont work, please just tell me so this site can be perfectly functional...THANKS.

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Internet Multiplayer Games

ARCHMAGE - Main Page

Here is what they have to say about their game, "Archmage: Reincarnation from Hell is the leader in massively multiplayer, fantasy strategy games. It is playable entirely through your existing Internet web-browser or Web TV, requiring no additional software to download. Best of all, this unique service is provided for you absolutely free. In the game, you are a reincarnated mage whose soul has survived the Great Mage War, a devastating era that destroyed most of the sorcerers and the magic on the mystical world of Terra. You research arcane spells, assemble epic armies, expand your territory, and start the long trek towards world domination...again."
Not good enough?...
Awards received by Archmage
- New & Good Site 'Altaportal'
- Top Link from 'Altavista Gaming Zone'
- Hot Site from 'Starting Point'
- Cool Site from 'Link Exchange'
- Game of the Month from 'MPGOD'


This is what the creator has to say about his game, "This game is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) created by Nicolas Trescases and Jonathan Eisler during the summer of 1997. It is currently undergoing some serious testing and thus it is quite possible that you will run into unexpected things. However soon enough the bugs should become rare. The game follows the traditional spirit of fantasy RPGs with the usual classes and races. This game was strongly inspired by old BBS games such as Usurper or LORD. If you miss those games, this one is for you!
Not good enough?
Choose from 4 Classes
- Fighter= Strong Attack / No Magic
- Mage= Medium Attack / Severe Magic
- Priest= Weak Attack / Strong Magic
- Rogue= Strong Attack / Good Magic


Well, lets see, This game is pretty similar to Archmage, but it is a little more confusing, well to me, it is. It has a very cool story, completely different from Archmage Actually, it's a lot like Archmage...You have to build up an Army, build your Town, Fight other people, you know the good stuff of a Strategy M.P game.
Not good enough?...
You can
- Choose your own Race; Phlanixes, Cordelons, Mersans, Ashwins and the Slythes (Each race has +'s and -'s)
- Choose your Elemental Spells; Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth
- Start your own Empire, Join an Exsisting Empire or Join a Random Empire

AstroNest - Main Page

This is an excellent game. It is based in a space setting (If you can't tell by the name). It is SLIGHTLY similar to Archmage with the idea of "If you lose all of your Fortresses, you lose." You build up your Colony on the Planets that you own. Yes, you can get all of the Planets that you want, but they cost a tremendous amount of money to restore them. For Combat, you engage your enemies with Ships. You get to design your ships, give them a name and produce as much as you want, of course, for a price...
Not good enough?...
You can
- Design your own ships, give them names, produce as much as you can, and even assign any Fleet with a Commander
- Dispatch crew members to search for Planets. When they find a planet, choose a Planet to restore, and give it a name
- Send Spies into enemy Planets to disrupt enemies colonies. Various tasks such as; Mineral Detonation, Central Bank Detonation and Energy Stealing
- Research different types of Missles, that destroy Ships, Structures, or Defense Turrets, and launch them at your enemy.
- Research many different topics, that teach you advanced types of Weapons, Armor, and Devices