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All About Fishes

Well this is where I get to talk about the fish of Dark Cloud. You get to catch fish relatively early in the game - about a quarter way in to the second chapter. But what use are the fish? They are not as "un-useful" as you may think. So let me list what the little fishies are good for. Oh yes, before you can really do anything with fishes...You need one major thing, and that is an Aquarium. The "blueprint" is made using the Photo ideas; Fountain, Window, and Wooden Box, and the materials needed are 5 Rolling Logs, 4 Glass Materials, and 15 Water Elements.

Section 1: Healing Items
So we all know that if your life reaches zero, you are dead, and possibly your game will be over. This is where the fish come in handy. If you ever bought a stove, then you are in luck; with this stove, you are able to fry those little fishies and use them as items. A Gummy, heals you from about 40 Hp and I am guessing it varies from there. I am unsure if fishes heal more than that, but maybe a Baron Garayan might, but who can catch those? But sometimes you might wanna hold out on frying some of your bigger fish because...

Section 2: Fishing Contest
Late in the 3rd chapter, Mayor Need opens a Fishing Contest in Palm Brinks town square. At this contest, your 3 out of 10 heaviest fishes will be weighed and compared with other people. And before you ask, no, you do not need to have 10 fishes. Well after your fish are weighed, you are ranked, and if you come in first you get a Lure Rod (I will talk about this a little later). And for lower places, random prizes are awarded. The Fishing Contest will happen every 10 "game days," so go catch those big ones.

Section 3: Finny Frenzy
Late in the 4th chapter, Mayor Need once again, opens a new Contest. This is where the Aquarium comes into play. You catch any fish you want, raise it to your liking, and race it against other fishes in a two lap race. You are unable to control your fish, but before the race starts, you are forced to pick a "Pre-race Tank," the different tanks will affect your fish's style of racing. For winning this race you get a Mardan Garayan sword, and you can now get Olivie (see Recruitment). This race will take place every 10 days after the Fishing Contest. Here are the "Pre-race Tanks"
Tank 1 Keep A Steady Pace The name says it all, the fish will cruise at the same speed.
Tank 2 With All Your Might Your fish will push as hard as it can throught the race - beware it can easily tire out.
Tank 3 Come Out Fighting Takes off quickly at the start, and goes at a normal pace the rest of the race.
Tank 4 The Last Shall Be First The fish will go at a normal speed until towards the end, where it will speed up.
Tank 5 Settle It In The Ring You fish will bump with the other fishes in an attempt to slow them down (Make sure you have high Tenacity and Strength).
Tank 6 Go With The Middle Your fish will try to stay with the top three to four racers.

Section 4: Getting The Fish You Want
So first thing is first, but for some reason it is at the bottom of the page...You need a Fishing Rod - "REaLLy!?" - and Bait. There are about 13 different baits, for those greedy fish, and they are very picky also (except for the Bon's, they go after almost all baits). So here is the listing of the Baits, and which Fish they catch.
Bait Fishes Caught
Mellow Banana Piccoly, Niler
Battan Gummy, Niler, Bon
Bomb Nuts Piccoly, Gummy, Bon
Carrot Umadakara
Evy Bon, Tarton, Bobo
Gooey Peach Gummy, Bobo, Bon
Heart-Throb Cherry Gummy
Mimi Gummy, Niler, Nonky, Bon, Tarton, Bobo
Minion Bon, Bobo, Den
Petite Fish Bon, Kaji, Den, Hama Hama
Poisonous Apple Mardan Garayan
Potato Cake Gummy, Tarton, Bon, Priscleen
Prickly Bon