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Monster Badges

There are twelve different badges that Monica can acquire to transform herself. In order to get monster badges, you must "give them what they want," and as you learn in the game, you need to put 3 of the monsters 'gift' into a Gift Capsule. When you have the Capsule full, you throw it at an enemy, and kill them while you see a Music Note above its head. And when they are dead, they will drop the badge. But the gift capsule is not the only way, certain monsters require you to kill them a certain way (those monsters are shown in the table). Also note; say we know a Ram (whom is part of the Beast Family) needs 3 Premium Chicken, and when you kill him you get the Beast badge, the same Beast badge you get from giving a Sewer Rat 3 Cheeses. So your best bet is going after the lowest creature of that class, but still here is a table to show you everything.

Badge Type Monster Item
Beast Sewer Rat 3 Cheese in Gift Capsule
Windup Bomber Head Attack with Bomb*
Aquatic Froggy 3 Batton in Gift Capsule
Flora Himarra Bought in Jurak Mall
Magical Creature Statue 3 Sturdy Rock in Gift Capsule
Darkling Spider Lady 3 Gold Bar in Gift Capsule
Reptile Family Wind Gemron 3 Wind Element in Gift Capsule
Spirit Pixie 3 Gooey Peach in Gift Capsule
Undead Skeleton Soldier Attack with Holy Water*
Card Diamond Card 3 Diamond in Gift Capsule
Sun N/A (Scoop Level 8) Received from Donny
Moon N/A (Scoop Level 7) Received from Donny
*You cannot get all badges by using the Gift Capsule, you must kill them with the indicated item.