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Welcome to Akinori High School of the Performing Arts!

Welcome to the Akinori High School of the Performing Arts Roleplaying Game. Akinori is a performing arts school settled in the outskirts of modern Tokyo, Japan. This game stresses more character development, not just soap opera relations. It's PBEM based and hopefully, it'll grow. A Headmaster or Headmistress, Teachers and Students needed, since I just started this on 02.10.01!
Still interested? Want more information? Try the links at the bottom.
UPDATE: Applications are being accepted for both students and teachers, but I'm in desperate need of teachers!
UPDATE 05.25.01-WE'RE LIVE! Applications are still being accepted! UPDATE 04.30.02-BACKLOG ALMOST COMPLETE! I NEED CONFIRMATION FROM ALL MEMBERS!!!!!!!!
Student Character Sheet
Teacher Character Sheet