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Hey, and welcome to my site!

This website is dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII-based RPG (or role-playing game, if you've never heard the term before), that I play in an America Online chat room with the friends I co-created it with.  Our RP is set in the universe of Final Fantasy VII, after the events portrayed in the game.  All of the "good guys" are characters of our own design, as are most of their enemies.  Sorry, Cloud and the rest aren't back for this installment, although a few of the baddies are still around.  Despite the fact that the game is run by a mere four people, we still maintain an impressive variety of characters (Nine main heroes and heroines, even more evil characters, countless "cannon fodder" bad guys for the good guys to thrash, as well as the everyday people the characters meet) and a stunning, dramatic storyline.  Jer, Jules, and Chels, this site is for you guys most of all.  The RP, and nearly two years of fun, couldn't have happened without ya!

.: News-

(5.23)- Well, after a few weeks of prep time the site is finally up and running.  Sure took me long enough, huh? ~_^ Anyway, there's still much to be done before the site is finished, like link-mapped graphic buttons for the navbar, a less-plain look for the pages, and eventually a Java-dependent site design including a jukebox for the top frame, (in other words the site as you see it now is little more than a functional placeholder), but enjoy what's here while the site's still under construction!  PS- if anyone checking out this site knows how to make a jukebox like that, puh-lease drop me an email!!  Thanks, and enjoy

(5.26)- Minor lil update today- changed the font, fixed a link, etc.  School's out now, so I'll soon have time to start working on the actual content of the site.  What a concept, a site w/ more than a main page and placeholders, eheh.  Keep checking the site, stuff'll be coming online anytime now!

And now for something completely different-

Final Fantasy VII, the Final Fantasy series, and all its characters, music, story elements, etc are all registered trademarks of Square Games.  The only items on this site my friends and I claim responsibility for are the characters whom we have designed, and our own independent storyline.  We acknowledge that the world and universe of FF7 which we have based our story on is Square's, so please don't sue us!! eehee...

~ (pathetic excuse for a) Site designed and run by Sean Maio~