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Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.  My real name is pointless, however, you may call me... Vagabond.  I am a wanderer of the World Wide Web.  I search the cosmos for anything that I believe will suit my fancy for that particular moment.

 Paladins of 7 Alignments

These are just a couple webpages that I made up shortly after my girlfriend ripped out my heart.  The first was my pathetic way of saying what I felt and what I wanted to tell her.  The other is what I wrote when another of her ex-es and I were talking.  He was an old friend, but by the end of our "talks" about her, I was ready to start swinging at him.  He would have beaten me in a fight, but I would have made my point.  The newest poem has the words set to the music with it.  It's my way of saying "I'm sorry" to my ex for an email that I wrote a few days ago...

 Ode to My Golden Love
 To My Eternal Foe
 Here's to the fool in all of us...

*Note: I do not own, nor to I claim to own any of the following things or anything associated with them:  Metallica's The Unforgiven II, Final Fantasy, or the Piano Man. I just used the MIDIs I'd found because they fit the mood I was in while making those pages.  I am merely a fan who wanted to make an interesting site.  Please contact me at if there is any problem with my site.*