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The information in the pages of this site was compiled from many different sources.

Some of the information [kajirae names, beasts, & books] was taken [with permission] from other webmasters who have the same identical information on their own sites with a different format, different graphics and in some cases, different wording.

The link for Gor Magazine was provided by Darrell Benvenuto at Vision Entertainment.

The digital dictionary was donated by She's talented in passing on information.

All other information was compiled of quotes directly from the books and largely influenced by the muns of Bloodhawk, ARedDove, Hawksclaw1, LlKieferll & Krimsonhwk. These are their teachings.

Tuchuk Guidelines were submitted to Krimsonhwk and approved

Proofreading, validation of information & research done by Violntstrm & Barqsstorm.

Backgrounds used were taken from numerous sites. None are original.

Most of the animated graphics were created specifically for Tales of The Tuchuks but none are sacred. If you would like any of the graphics shown, contact me and I will send them to you with the exception of those that have been personalized for other Tuchuk muns. Character graphics are the property of the muns that sent and/or chose them for their character and will not be handed out. The right click function was disabled for their protection and the protection of my sources.

Rock music files can be found on any midi site. None are original.

All other music files [Gorean Music] are courtesy of CodiusNightWing and are his property. Contact him for copies of those files.

The purpose of this page is to give credit where credit is due. If I left anything out,I apologize..let me know and I will fix it A.S.A.P.

Jaela mun