For those of you who have not seen this program, it's original purpose was to inform those that wish to role play in a Gorean setting.

In order to role play effectively you must have a working knowledge of the Gorean society. A small portion of the enormous volume of work of John Norman has been incorporated into a digitalized dictionary that runs on your computer wether you are connected to the web or not. Its capabilities include displaying information alphabetically, in grouped lists or by search engine. This convenient database informs and enlightens those in search of knowledge and enhances the experience of Norman's multi-layered fantasy.

Due to the interest in Version 1 of the desktop dictionary, which was downloaded by almost 3,000 of you, a more complete and comprehensive version has been recognized. Version 2 has many of the same features as Version 1 with several additional features including a built in color map of the known world of Gor, the ability to print out search results to your default printer, a new database format which enables us to easily correct and update the content and provide version controlled downloadable data files without users having to reinstall the entire program.

These datafiles will be labed as 1a or 2b, for example. The number indicates the addition of new words. If your datafile is 1a and we add a 2a datafile, you can easily download and insert the new words.The letter indicates that corrections to erroneous entries have been made for that version. Hence, datafile 2b will contain "corrections" to entries in datafile 2a. This program is simple to download and add to your application.  Click on the link below to download the self extracting setup program.

(NOTE: users of version 1 of our dictionary are advised to first "uninstall" that version before setting up this new one)

Instructions: Download the file from the link below to a temp directory and double click on it to extract the files. The program will extract to C:\Turia System 2, Install. Then run setup.exe found in that directory to install it.  Once the install has completed, you will find Turia's Gorean Dictionary in your Start menu.

Digital Gorean Dictionary

NOTE TO NETSCAPE USERS: For whatever reason, when some users try to download this .exe file, Netscape opens it and the user gets a screen of scrambled garbage. Once this happens, and the user finally does download the program, they get the following error, "Can not be run in MSDOS mode". A possible solution to this is to close your browser, empty your cache and return to the page. Then, right mouse click the link and choose "Save Target As". This download has been scanned by McCaffrey and is virus free. By downloading this program you accept full responsibility for any problems associated in downloading or installation and do so at your own risk.
~CYA Speech~

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