Red/Courage ---1st Scar to be earned and placed. Without the Red, no other Scar may be given. Without the Courage Scar, a Free Male of Tuchuk is given very little, if any, respect and is not considered a warrior. Without the Courage Scar, a Tuchuk may not court a Free Woman, own a wagon, or own more than four bosk and three kailla.

Black/Brotherhood--This scar shows that the bearer is trustworthy and loyal. The word of a warrior bearing this scar is unquestionable. His loyalty to His Ubar and His people are beyond reproach.

Dark Grey/Guardian--This scar shows the bearer to be the Guardian of his people, second only the the Ubar.

Yellow/Weapons Master---This scar is given to a warrior who has proven his ability to make and use weapons. The weapons master is also responsible for training other warriors to use them efficiently.

Amber/Black Mask---This scar identifies one of the clan of the torturers, commonly known as the black masks for their appearance. Second only to the leader of the clan of tortures and the Ubar.

Brown/Black Mask Leader---The bearer of this scar leads the clan of tortures, second only to the Ubar.

Blue/Hunter---This scar denotes the tuchuk hunter.

White/Kurii Killer---Only those who have sought and killed kurii may hold this scar. Few who seek it live to bear it.

Light Grey/Commander of 1000--second to the Guardian and Black Mask leader.

Purple/Commander of 100--second to Commander of 1000.

Green/Commander of 10--second to Commander of 100.

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