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Torayan Weyr's Recommended Web Resources
updated 2002-04.01

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Pern Information
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Torayan Weyr links: Don't forget about our Yahoo! Groups lists! All three have web pages with archives of files for you to use, including Thread charts, weyrling training guides, timelines, and what-have-you. Members, you need to be logged into Yahoo! to access these links.

TorayanWeyr - our role-playing list.
TorayanYounguns - our Weyrling and Candidate lesson role-playing list.
TorayanNonsense - our OOC chat list. Watch out for flying Marshmallow Peeps! (General Patches, we hardly knew ye!)

Naming your Character: In keeping with Anne McCaffrey's rules for Pern fan clubs, we are not allowed to use any names whatsoever from the books. Here are some resources to help you get creative with character names. Have fun!

All the Weyrs List contains a comprehensive list of dragon names from the books, including The Skies of Pern, as well as a list of fan-created names from MUSH and MOO games.
DragonRiders of Pern, another offline, play-by-email Weyr, has a complete list of human, dragon, and fire-lizard names from the books, including The Skies of Pern. (see "Reserved Names" in their left frame)
Fantasy Name Generator is a fun way to come up with completely original, non-copyrighted names. You can choose from several categories and randomize, or customize the results... say, to end in "-th." Now, why would you want to do a thing like that...?
Kabalarians If you want to adapt a regular Terran name, or find an unusual name, this is the place. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the alphabetical index.

Pern Information

All the Plants of Pern : Encyclopedia of plant species known and used by Pernese settlers. Created by Becki, one of our former members, so it gets top billing.
Elrhan's Pern Site : Including the Pern Encyclopedia and Bloodlines. Link updated!
Pern Demographics Wondering whether Menolly could really have outrun Thread? This and many other fascinating (to Pern freaks like me anyway) issues explored here.
Sariel's Guide to Pern : Guide to the series, including DLG errata and cast lists, as well as Pern fandom.

Sabria's Guide to Pern : Includes original information on riding straps and rank cords. Geared more toward members of MUSHes and MOOs, but PbEM players like ourselves will also find it helpful.
Tasni's Pern Roleplaying Resources: Categorized links on Craft information, dragons, and fandom in general. Immensely helpful in creating a "realistic" role-play. Link updated!
Anne McCaffrey Archives at DelRey. Features several short articles about the creation of Pern and its most beloved characters.
Pern at the ODP : Categorized list of Pern links.

Pern Role-Playing

Archives of Pern Lists many currently active RPG clubs, including ours, and includes other helpful resources.
Dragonlover's Guide to Pern Fandom
Venerable resource explaining the "why" of most of our rules. Those new to Pern fandom should especially read this.
Dragonweb Find out all about the various types of clubs you can join. What's a MUSH, anyway? (hint: Torayan is an offline PbEM club.)
Mentor Hall New and valuable resource for fans taking the leap into starting their own clubs.
Pernese Online Explore your fandom friends' character listings and post your own.
Triad Weyrs Pern Fandom Guide Browse directories of Weyrs and individual players, and join various networks to get your own Weyr more traffic.
Weyr Alliance Network of clubs devoted to making fandom a fun, fair, and friendly place. Message boards to discuss Pern fandom and help improve everyone's experience.
WeyrPlug Find other weyrs to join, or promote your own!

Fun and Games on Pern

Pern Cards E-cards for various IC occasions, such as Hatchings, Turn's End, and the death of an NPC. Lots of fun.
You know you've been reading too much Pern when... Take a break, and have a good laugh at yourself!

Take a break from Pern!
Before you cry "Sacrilege!"... just take a break! - For those days when you can't handle fantasy anymore, and need some real pop culture!

Songbook of the Whills - I know a lot of you are Star Wars geeks like me. Trust me, you will howl. ("Han" to the tune of R.E.M.'s "Stand" is my favorite!)
Castle Thorinia: The Wildfire Cartoon Archives - The Headwoman's other baby. All about the wonderfully creative 1986-87 Hanna-Barbera series
, Wildfire. Magic horses, leaps between worlds, secretly being a princess... everything I ever wanted as a kid.
Get Fuzzy - the Headwoman's new favorite comic strip, featuring the dazzlingly egotistical cat, Bucky.
Yesterdayland - Cartoons, TV, movies, books, toys, and music from your childhood... no matter your age.

Suggestions? Email the Headwoman with your favorite Pern, RPG, or fun site, and she might post it here for everyone to enjoy.

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