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One of Us

***Character Established***

Codename: Wolfsbane

Real Name: Rahne Sinclair

Template: X-Man

Age: 14

Gender: female

Height: 5' (Transition - 5'11'; Wolf -32" at shoulder)

Weight: 98 pounds (transition- big; wolf- small)

Eyes: green

Hair: reddish brown

Other distinguishing physical features:



jeans and a tee-shirt with a big sweater over it if it's cold. She always wears her gold cross (she's scared to see if silver has an effect on her)


Rahne is a werewolf. She has three main forms, human, werewolf, and wolf. Most of her powers are only in her werewolf form, like superhuman strength (up to 2 tons), superhuman speed, agility, and endurance. But in all forms, Rahne was a healing factor and highly enhanced senses. The more wolfish Rahne becomes though, the less she can understand complex human concepts History: Rahne's mother died in childbirth in Ullapool, Scotland. She became a ward of the church and was taken in by the Reverend Craig. Rev. Craig hated Rahne, even before her powers manifested, and made her young life very hard. The most serious effect that Rev. Craig had on Rahne was the Fundamentalist upbringing she got, this has colored her whole life - she herself thought originally that her powers were due to the Devil. When Rahne's powers did come out, he had her hunted over the moors, so the she could be burned as a witch as a means to exorcise her. Fortunately Moira MacTaggert was there to stop this. Moria took Rahne in, making her Moria's foster daughter. They love each other dearly, but Moria knew Rahne needed help and training with her powers. That's why Rahne is being sent to live with Moria's close friend, Charles Xavier in the United States.


Rahne is very shy and nervous. After her terrible childhood, Rahne is finally being able to discover who she really is.

Favorite music and pastime:

Most of her life, she was not allowed to listen to rock music or watch tv. Rahne is now beginning to try new things, and has found that she likes music like 'Nsync and the Celtic music of her homeland. She loves reading and playing the piano or organ.

A Quote: "Grrrr"

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Even after all she has been though, Rahne is still a very religious person. She's really just learning what it is like to be Rahne Sinclair, the human being, must less Rahne Sinclair, the mutant. Rahne is also a tomboy of sorts. It's not that she doesn't like girlie's just make-up and dresses get in the way when all you really want to do is run around in the woods on all four paws.

Her player has done a good job of portraying the character's distinctiveness without being heavy handed. ~V~

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