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X-Men_Evolved RPG

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Welcome to the RPG group I set aside. I'm not trying to rival anyone, I just had too many ideas. Now, this rpg is set aside for X-Men Evolution the new X-Men cartoon brought out. But, there are a few other features. There are established characters, meaning ones who are in the show, brought in characters, meaning those who are either made up, or are not in the show but are real characters. My characters are examples of brought in by make-up. Wolfsbane, Archangel, or Jubilee would be brought in by modification. And, as I said, I'm just too full of ideas, so I actually added another's made up so don't look for it in the show. Please read the WHOLE page before signing up.

If you would like to see the three teams in this game, and I actually advise you do before sending me bios, you can see them here.Click on the name for a description. The three teams are:


Brotherhood of Mutants

Ausslander's Reich


Of course there are rules. What game doesn't have rules? But, we'll try to keep it fun and simple.

{1} Do not move anyone else's characters. That's a nono, unless you have the player's permission.

{2} Keep the game PG-13. Anything sexual and blah blah blah may be rped off the list between the players but may not be posted. I have kids visiting my site.

{3} No God-Moding or Power-Playing. It's fine to have a powerful character. I'll admit, mine are pretty beefy in the power department, but, do not over do it. Let them have weaknesses or serious quirks to balance it out. Let bad things happen to your characters once in a while. As my pal, Jet says: "Keep it real."

{4} Don't kill anybody! That's a no no. People join the game to play, not to be killed. Only characters being tossed or ditched from the game may be killed but, the player must let me know and must give permission. However, you can kill your own characters...but only if you do not intent to play them anymore. But, established characters may not be killed. So, do not have Evan get killed by a car please, I know he can be annoying.

{5} Uhm, character limit? Uhm, well, I guess I'd better. If you can keep up with this many, the limit is 6 characters. For now, that's the limit. Not too many people have no life like I do and are able to play a bajillion people. Oh, and I know a few people get upset without this bit of info.....though six open characters, you are only allowed to play two established characters. Any more than that must be cleared. However, this does not include temps and NPC's. But, still, it should be cleared with me.

{6}Another rule I'd have to thank Jet for. Please post at least two or three times a week at LEAST. Let us know before you leave on vacation or get grounded or want-not so we don't boot your characters.

{7} Stay in character....or at least try to most the time. Thanks again, Jet. Xavier would not be a spaz and Mystique wouldn't be a pink valley girl...err, not normally anyway. Tweaks are okay, just let me know so I can approve it.

{8}We are doing this in a story format. Meaning write it as you would write a book. I fine script-writing very difficult to use in character.

{9}If someone tags you, try and respond if it does not severely screw up the thread. An example is, say Logan is in the kitchen and Evan is in the backyard, depending on what is in the thread, chances are, Logan would not respond to Evan outside....unless of course he was CALLED outside. But, you get the idea.

{10} This is a problem in some rpg's of this type. There are psychics, yes, but it doesn't mean every thought a character things will be picked up. So don't get aggitated if Xavier doesn't pick up a thought, unless it is directed to him.

{11} When posting out of character, please put OOC in the subject, or before your msg. If it is off topic, place the OT before your subject. If you wish to discuss the topic, character or particular thread more thoroughly but not clog the inboxes of others please put {BOARD} before the subject so everyone knows to head to the Msg Board to discuss. A link to the board will be provided in the Bookmarks section on the Yahoo page and a link will be provided here.

{12} PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the bio form and fill it out accordingly. Send me the complete bio form at my addy and put Evolved Bio before your subject. Since I also do the casting for X-Men_E, I gotta keep em organized. If the bio form is not filled out properly, it will not be posted and the chracter will receive no page credit. I only make it that strict because characters are hard to keep track of and any or all of the info may prove useful to others.

Bio Form

This bio form is similar to the X-Men_E form, but it has extra things to add. I want to see your character as life-like as possible, meaning with interests and talents and such. Remember, any and/or all information on this bio may prove useful, no matter how small.

Also, I plan on doing what I did for X-Men_E and making a cast page with each bio having its own page. If you have an image of your character that you want posted with your bio, send it to me as an attatchment. I take comic scans, drawings, and modifications. A modification is when you take the image from something else and create something of your own.

Ex. A lot of people use Sailor Moon images for their female characters. If you were to take a picture of Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mars and, say, color their hair a different color and give them a different outfit, I may consider it as your character. But, please don't send me an unedited image. Sailor Mars is not yours. (C;

To use the bio form, you must cut and paste the form into an e-mail msg. Then, fill it out accordingly. Try to be as thorough as possible, but not overly-thorough. Also, if your character's bio includes someone else. Say, you wanted your character to know mine before we've played, you'd have to get player's approval. Don't be offended if you have to change your bio slightly if a player does not want to follow you.

Ex. If you were to say that Mystique was your character's aunt or family friend, you'd have to clear that with the Mystique player. If there was no Mystique player, you'd clear it with me and anyone picking up Mystique would be given a list of information that had been pinned to the character, via, anyone claiming to know her, be her family and so on.

If you are bringing in a comic character, instead of making one up, please fill the bio form out completely as well. Say you wanted to play Bishop, well, would Bishop be an adult or a teen? What would his personality be like as a teen? Does he know his potential, or is he still discovering his abilities? Does he have control? These are things you need to ask yourself when bringing in a character.

NOTE: Please, try and be creative. I've noticed a lot of people just poof, show up at Xavier's institute. Try to put a little game in your character. Have them discovered. However, every so often, a character may poof in, most often any adult characters since they are more practical. Try and put some bounce in your teenage characters.

The Bio Form can be found at this link.

Et Cetera Et Cetera

I have no problems personally with Paganism and the likes, but let's try and keep it to a low profile. Now, that doesn't mean you can't have a Wiccan character if you wanted one. It simply means don't exaggerate. And that goes to all religions. Please do not act prejudiced against religions, races and origins. Keep that to a peaceful level. An example being, Scarlett Witch would have a pagan background {so I hear} but do not overdo that fact. Bring it up occassionally if you choose, but don't make your character depend on that info. Faith is good, people, I understand that. Just don't drown everyone in it, since they may not follow the same path as you. We're here to have fun, not cause conflict.

Please do not abuse my services. My polls and such are open for all members to use, but do so wisely. Do no squabble or flame on them. Also, be polite, no one will want to play with a meanie. Of course, if your character is a rude one, we understand, but remember you are a player of the character and you do not have to act like them when you are out of character.

Who's Who

Want to know who's on the cast? Who plays what character? This is where you will see, not only who plays who, but where you may find the bio links and can read the bios of all characters in play. Come and see the official Cast Page.

Available to Play

Anyone with a * by their name means that they have something pinned to them. You can either check the bio pages or e-mail me, or address the list openly to find out what is pinned to the character.

ALSO: For anyone taking up Nightcrawler and Kitty, please come to an understanding with each other. This means, decide among the two of you if Kurt and Kitty are going to have a crush relationship or not. I know some people are for the Kurt/Kitty thing and some aren't. So be sure you two understand that.


Charles Xavier/Professor X


Ororo Munroe/Storm

Evan Daniels/Spyke


Jean Grey

Scott Summers/Cyclops

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler*

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Alex Summer/Havok

Brotherhood of Mutants

Eric Magnus Lensher/Magneto

Todd Tolansky/Toad*

Fred Dukes/Blob

Lance Alvers/Avalanche



NOTE: I've left out Juggernaut becuz he is not a common character. He would not be a common player in the game either, as he is just too much to handle all the time playing wise. Anyone wanting to bring him in should clear the plot purpose with me and get my approval. Juggernaut, in my opinion, even as an established charcter, is too powerful a character to play all the time.

Also, brought in characters do not have to be in either group. They can be lone mutants or can seek to join the made up group, which is an affiliation with the Brotherhood: Ausslander's Reich.

I also accept people playing normal human beings. Anyone moving a teacher will not be condidered forever having that teacher. But, if you introduce and play a teacher in a thread, chances are, your stuck with that teacher until the thread is over. Normal people are normally freebees. They are not solid so are easily temped. But an established characters, say, Duncun Mathews, could only be played by one person if the call was made. Otherwise, he's tempable too.

If I missed anyting I'm sure I'll catch it eventually. Thank you for your time and consideration. And I hope you have a good time.


There are two ways to join this group. The easiest is to put your e-mail address in the box provided below. Submit the e-mail address you wish to receive the mail to. Method number two is to go to the Yahoo page and subscribe by using the subscription e-mail addy. When you start recieving mail, or you get the group e-mail addy, you are ready to start. Note to newbies, please do not bring in your characters unless I've given you the go ahead.

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