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Midi playing: Crocodile Rock

Codename: Vertigo

Real Name: Ramona Aguapendeaux

Nicknames: Sandman, Hypnotica, Swirlie

Place of Origin: Canada

Template: Ausslander's Reich

Age: 16

Gender: female

Height: 5'9

Weight: 145

Eyes: white withmulticolored swirls

Hair: burgundy, straight and short

Other distinguishing physical features:

sunglasses, she always wears them, a tan


a long green sweater with a black turtle neck under it. A black burret {sp? French hat}, dark sunglasses. Wears black stretch pants and black boots that go up to her knees.

Known Relatives: Mumsy {mother}, Daddy


Hypnotism and Trance. When she looks someone in the eyes, she is able to hypnotize them. She always wears sunglasses to prevent people from seeing her swirlie eyes. She can also use her mind to seemingly make the ground a little too wavey. This is part of one of her other abilities, the trance. Making people believe there are things around that are not. Most often, Ramona will seemingly move the ground to trip a person or will make the ground seem to rise to make a person cringe. Quite an utter annoyance


As far as rich snobs go, Ramona is near the bottom. She has been a spoiled brat her entire life. When she was 12, she developed swirls in her eyes. Her parents were open to mutants and often gave to mutant causes. During a get-together, she overheard something about Polynational Artistic School and looked it up on the internet. She has begged mumzi and dadzi to enroll her for her artistic skills, not quite knowing it's true purpose.


snooty...very very snobby. She tends to be a little overdramatic sometimes, not being able to separate real life from performance.

Favorite music and pastime:

she's a painter and an actress. She loved reading and performing and watching plays. Her two favorites are Cyrano de Bergerac and Romeo and Juliet. She'll listen to anything but Heavy Metal

A Quote: " If money can't buy happiness, I suppose I'll have to rent it."

Special non-mutant talents:

painting, acting.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Her illusions don't last very long. Her hypnotic abilities only work on those with strong minds. Pietro would be a SUPERB example of a mind she could tamper with, while someone like....Cyclops would be harder. She has a crush on Fritz, but the feeling isn't mutual. So, to hide the fact that she just MIGHT be rejected, she is often rough or rude to him.

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