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Midi playing: Semi-Charmed Life

Codename: Cyclops

Real Name:Scott Summers

Nicknames: Slim, Shades, Cyke

Place of Origin: United States

Template: X-Men

Age: 17?



Weight: ???



Other distinguishing physical features:

always wears sunglasses


Preppy. Dresses in a sweat shirt and khaki slacks.

Known Relatives: Alex Summers {brother}


Scott can shoot optic blasts from his eyes


Scott had a normal family at one time. When he was a child, he and his brother were ejected from an out of control plane and separated. Scott ended up in an orphanage, where his powers manifested. He was unable to control these blasts, theory being the fall from the plane caused brain damage to what would have controled the blasts. Xavier found and "adopted" the boy as his first X-man.


Scott is very serious. However, he seems to have a split mood. Most often, he is serious and enjoys training. Other times, he can be immature. After all, he is a teen. He tries to take responsibility for everyone on the team.

Favorite music and pastime:

He loved his car. One of his favorite bands is Smash Mouth.

A Quote: " Man, we really need to work on our sales pitch."

Special non-mutant talents:


Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Scott is unable to control his optic blasts so is "doomed" to wear ruby quartz lenses in his visor and sunglasses to keep everyone around him safe.