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Midi playing Runaway Train

Codename: Mah name's Rogue

Real Name: Yuir a nosy one, ain't ya?

Nicknames: Kitty sweurs Ah'm one with th' dark an' yucky side (Why gud did Ah end up wit' her as a roommate?)

Place of Origin: A small towm in Mississippi. You ain't heard of it, trust me

Template: Ah'm with the X-Men now. Don't ask me about the Brotherhood, got 't?

Age: Didn't yor momma teach ya it's not polite ta ask a lady her age? ah'm own enough ta drive. (16)

Gender: Last time Ah checked Ah had boobs, so either Ah'm female or a really scary lookin' guy

Height: 5'8

Weight: Should Ah repeat mah comment about how nosy ya are? (110-115)

Eyes: brown

Hair: auburn, and yes th' white streaks are natural!

Other distinguishing physical features: Ah dunno, what do ya consider "distinguishing"?


Ah'm a Goth. So what th' big deal? Ah like mah combat boots and mah dog collar. Ah love mah leather skirt, but Ah sweur if Kitty asks me one more time how many cows died for mah skirt...But Ah wear black tights an' a green sneer shirt so nobody can touch me. Ah wear motorcyle gloves so Ah can't touch anybody else. Ah like mah X- Men uniform. It's black an' green an' Ah feel so hardcore in it.

Known Relatives: Mystique was like a mother ta me. So Ah guess that makes Kurt like mah borther or sumething


Yuir power is mah power if Ah touch yuir skin with mah skin. That's mah power, Ah absorb people's memories, soul, powers, everything. So unless Ah'm tryin' ta take you out, Ah can't touch anyone.


That is none of yuir business.


Ah'm just a ray of sunshine, ain't Ah?

Favorite music and pastime:

Ah like Tool, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, an' stuff like that. Ah love ta read. Ah know it's silly, but Ah love ta curl up with a good book.

A Quote: "Yuir power is mah power, sugah!"

Special non-mutant talents:

Ah have been trained on sume martials arts...and Ah ...learned...gymnastics back in Mississippi

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Quirks? Ah ain't got no quirks! But if ya tell Summers what Ah really feel for him, Ah smash ya ta Timbucktoo, ya yahoo!

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