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Midi playing: Mission Impossible

Codename: Magneto

Real Name: Eric Magnus Lensher

Nicknames: none

Place of Origin: Somewhere in Europe. Possibly Poland or Germany

Template: Brotherhood

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Eyes: blue

Hair: white

Other distinguishing physical features:

none that we know of. Probably has a brand/number on his arm from the holocaust.


Always in costume.

Known Relatives: Pietro Maximoff {son}, Wanda Maximoff {daughter}


Magneto can control magnetism in great abundance. His power is almost unmatchable and he is a force to be reconed with.


Magneto and his family were taken to a death camp in WWII. There, his powers manifested as a young boy. His family was killed but he survived and swore to have his revenge.

Over the years, he eventually met Charles Xavier and the two were the best of friends {and still are in some twisted way}. However, their ideas differed and they parted ways and became somewhat like rivals. Magneto went his own way and ended up having a relationship with a non-mutant which resulted in the twins, Wanda and Pietro. Magneto went on to meet Mystique and the two became a duo in mutant supremecy

Magneto worked with Mystique as a subject for experimentation with genetics. The first attempt on a pregnant Mystique created Nightcrawler, who was lost. The second experiment on Mystique who was again pregnant a year later created Fritz. Magneto and Mystique have since later created the Brotherhood of Mutants.


Dark and Mysterious and very manipulative.

Favorite music and pastime:

does he have one?

A Quote: " You never could take no for an answer."

Special non-mutant talents:

He's very intelligent with machinerr and anatomy, biology and genetics.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Magneto depends soley on his powers, so his battle skills are actually pretty poor. But, with his powers, he is very dangerous.

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