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Codename: Wolverine

Real Name: Logan

Nicknames: He doesn't like Mr. Logan very much

Place of Origin: Unknown

Template: X-men, but still sort of a lone wolf. He's there and he fights with them, but he doesn't always consider himself 'part' of the team.

Age: Unknown (looks alot younger then he is)

Gender: Male

Height: (I'm tweaking this a little!) 5'9" (How tall is Hugh Jackman?)

Weight: (Eeh I'm guessing on this- correct me if I'm completely off) 295 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other distinguishing physical features:

I suppose the claws would be when they're out.


Not exactly the most "stylin'" guy alive. Normally wears a brown jacket, black t-shirt, brown belt, blue jeans and boots.

Known Relatives: None


Natural- Off the chart regenerative capability (healing factor). Also, heightened senses. Artificial- Because of mutant experimentation, he has a very strong metal (strongest?) called adamantium grafted to his skeleton. Also, he was six 12" claws (three per hand) he can voluntarily pop out and retract.


(okay I copied this pretty much) Logan was used for mutant experimentation for a project known as Weapon X. This group was to make war machines/killers from mutants and use them to track and destroy other mutants. Logan was the only person to survive the transferance of abdamantium into his body. He escaped and eventually (after alot of wandering, cage fights, motorcycle races, and seeking of vengeance) met Charles Xavier (Chuck). Little is known about his past or his issues with Sabertooth. He watches out for the kids and fights with the X-men team, but he's still a lone wolf when it comes down to it.


Lone wolf... he's got a rough exterior, but a good heart.

Favorite music and pastime:

Fighting, motorcycle riding, I don't know where he'd fall in the music department. Probably nothing soft.

A Quote: (Okay Quotes) My own- "Who says the world has to be all sunshine?" Show- (Prof X) "Would you like company?" (Logan) "Do I ever?" Movie- "What do they call you? Wheels?"

Special non-mutant talents:

Fighting, motorcycle riding, tracking...

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

I think I've covered 'em all. He's not invincible- he just won't die even though he can be put out of commission for a little while.

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