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Midi playing Come From a Land Down Under

This is his THEME song, dudes! LOL!


Real Name: Kwami Jaspers

Nicknames: Mud Puppy, Pup, Fishy, Sharky, Kwams, Gadjet

Place of Origin: Australia

Template: Ausslander's Reich/Brotherhood

Age: 15

Gender: male

Height: 5'8

Weight: 213

Eyes: green, the whites of his eyes are yellow.

Hair: aquamarine

Other distinguishing physical features:

scales, slate blue skin, two waterwing type fins and a dorsel fin, a long heavy tail with a fin at the end of it, fangs, webbed hands, webbed animalistic feet.


Kwami will wear baggy cargo pants and a baggy hooded top out in public. However, when undercover, he'll wear lab/mechanic fatigues when he works. But he'll dress in a wet suit the rest of the time and hang out in the Olpympic size pool.

Known Relatives: none


Kwami has four lungs. Two for beathing air and two for brething under water. He has the ability to control water to a degree and can constrict his lungs. When his waterlungs are constricted, he can spit out a jet of water. When his air lungs are constricted, he can make whale calls. He can communicate with marine life, though it isn't always a useful talent. Kwami can swim at great speeds, but isn't very agile on land. He has superb hearing under water, but above water, he may not always hear....but that's probably his selective hearing. When threatened, he can excrete from his pores a stinky sticky poisonous mucus. His fins are very sharp and if rubbed the wrong way, could be very damaging.


Kwami was born and raised in Australia. His mutation was caused by pollution of food source of which his parents ate. The pollution caused severe deformities in the fetus. He was taken is by aborigines and was from there found and taken in by a marine biologist and his wife. Where he learned about differet marine and aquatic animals. Kwami was soon trained in mechanical engineering and became obsessed with inventing new things, no matter how useless.

He, like Thaddeus, met Fritz through the computer and Fritz made the trip to Australia to see Kwami's potential. He was impressed with the potential but was so iffie on Kwami's personality, but he accepted him into the group anyway.


Very innocent and goofy. He enjoys making a fool out of himself and making others laugh. He acts very unprofessional and one of the only members of the team to NOT act holier than thou. In fact, he wishes he could have friends everywhere. He's a loveable kinda guy.

Favorite music and pastime:

Inventing is his all-time favorite past-time. If he's not inventing,he's watching cartoons. He enjoys listening to movie sountracks and cartoon themes and techno music and the 80's

A Quote: " Oh, Codfish!"

Special non-mutant talents:

Mechanical know-how.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Kwami can't control water fully. He can slightly alter currents and can make a small cyclone out of a portion of water. Kwami has no battle experience and no knowledge of hand to hand combat and depends on his machines. He's overly friendly. He also serves as the spy or snoop, though no one really knows why.

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