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Midi playing What's New, Pussycat?

Codename: Shadowcat

Real Name: Kitty Pryde. Isn't that totally typical of the Professor to give me a codename matching my real one? He's so not creative, can't even think of one for Jean or anything. And I'll bet he'll call her Levi or something when she finally gets one.

Nicknames: Mr. Logan calls me Half Pint. I don't even need to say how rude he is.

Place of Origin: United States

Template: X-Men. They serve tofu, Brotherhood doesn't.

Age: 15

Gender: Girr-l, that would be obvious from my name, don't you think?

Height: Oh, about 5'4"...I'm taller than Kurt when he's all hunched over.

Weight: {Be realistic} Well...judging from my diet, exercise program, and high metabolism...probably about 105.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown.

Other distinguishing physical features:

I have a ponytail...and really large eyes, and...well, I'm nothing THAT special to look at.


I know that pink is totally girly and not very tough looking, but hey, my parents made me wear it as a kid, and I got hooked on it. You okay with that? I just wear a pink sweater, nothing more. I wear blue on my costume...and this cool belt that I can't figure out the purpose of. I really think it's just to make me look younger and less womanly than Jean Grey the popular cheerleader. Sheesh, what's the deal? But anyway, I like the belt...where were we?

Known Relatives:

I'm an only child. I got a mom and a dad...and they always look really lame and stupid on screen and I always look really lame and stupid on screen when sharing it with them...but they're actually these really smart and quippy people. I'm serious, they're cool.


I can pass through walls...and other stuff. In fact, if I pass through anything electronic, I tend to short circuit or blow it up...depends on its voltage, really. Nothing happens when I go through people, and aren't we so glad of that?

History: Well, I lived in this comfortable, middle class lifestyle with my parents. My only problem was that I was really smart and everyone totally hated me for it. Well, maybe it was the Valley Girl thing, a habit I'm trying to break, but I actually think that these girls just thought I wasn't cool because I actually did well in school or something. Anyway, one night I woke up in the basement, because I'd phased through my bed and my parents were freaked, you know? I was too, but I went to school anyway, and met this Lance guy who talked really smart, you know? (Gee, what happened to him?) So anyway, I was interested in what he had to say, but cheerleader Jean came in with her whole "I know what you're going through" thing, which totally didn't work for me. In fact, if Lance hadn't turned out to be a total jerk, I'd have gone with him. But cheerleader Jean turned out okay, even if she was cheerleadery, so here I am. There's also this blue guy, Kurt, who made me nauseous at first with all his jumping around, but he's okay.


I like to think of myself as a girl who really cares about the world, you know, the enviornment and science and all. I really like the idea I'm actually doing something with the X-men. Kurt sometimes seems to think the Professor is pulling one on us and Rogue is a total, you know, dark Goth sometimes, but I think he knows what he's doing. I may not have the best overall experience with humans, but mutants can be really jerky too, and it's not right that they should destroy humanity just because they can't take what they dish out. I'm talking about the Brotherhood, you know? The only guy in the X-men who's like them is Spyke, and he's not real bright, so I guess it's excusable. Anyway, I'm an idealist, and sometimes people seem to think I'm naive, and maybe I am...well, I just don't look at things like Logan, you know, kill or be killed. I mean, even Lance has some good in him, right? But that's a total cliche.

Favorite music and pastime:

I like country music, okay? Don't get on me for that. And I like Garth Brooks especially, because he has a sense of humor...and sometimes his songs actually mean something, which is more than I can say for "Britney Spears" and all that.

A Quote: "Ooookay, I see the problem."

Special non-mutant talents:

I'm really good at math and science...and I can put stuff together, take it apart, all that, in two seconds flat if I need to. Astrophysics is my specialty.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

I got this Valley girl accent I'm trying to loose, you know? I've just about gotten rid of the 'like' stuff, and I just gotta purge the 'sooo' and the 'totally'. I'm getting there. I think people don't take me at all seriously as it is. I mean, I'm not an airhead or anything.

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