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Midi playing: The Sign

Codename: none

Real Name: Jean Grey

Nicknames: Red

Place of Origin: United States

Template: X-Men

Age: 16?


Height: ???


Eyes: green

Hair: red

Other distinguishing physical features:



A shirt coming above the middrift and cargo pants and sandals

Known Relatives: mother and father


Jean is a telekenetic and a telepath


Jean Grey has a normal sister and normal parents. She came from the average family. Xavier, when Jean's powers manifested, was easily able to convince the Greys to let Jean stay with him. She's one of the original members.


Jean is quite friendly. She's often thought of as the cheerleader type. Out of all Xavier's students, she is perhaps considered the most normal.

Favorite music and pastime:


A Quote: " Scott's powers aren't exaclty what you call indoor friendly."

Special non-mutant talents:

Jean is very booksmart

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Jean can only telekenetically lift so much wieght. She also is not a very strong telepath, but Xavier is always trying to help her strengthen that.

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