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Midi playing Cecilia

Codename: Hurricane

Real Name: Charisma Lorendale

Nicknames: None

Place of Origin: Paris, France - has an accent

Template: Unknown mutant, already enrolled at Bayville high

Age: 15 - Freshman

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Eyes: Baby blue

Hair: blonde, long, and always let down

Other distinguishing physical features:

Wears glasses


White skirt, Baby blue button up blouse, and baby blue high heels. She likes to dress like she is all grown up. Also she always wears what her sister wears except in a different color.

Known Relatives: Twin sister-Chastity, Mother-Lillith Lorendale, Father-Erik Lorendale


Control over the elements of wind and water. Also her and her sister are exact replicas of eachother; meaning everything down to their finger nails match exactly. Extent of power: She can control the elements in anyway she pleases, except she has almost no real control. Once when she got really pissed off she accidentally used her powers to create a hurricane...hence the codename


Charisma and her twin sister Chastity were born and raised in Paris. Just this year they found out that they had powers. Charisma found out that she could control the wind as well as the water. Her sister's powers were that of earth and fire. The two decided that they should not and would not let anybody know of their abilities unless it was important. Recently their father moved his company to an American city, but he decided not to live in the city and to live in the nearby town of Bayville. This year they are going to be freshman at Bayville high...and have decided that they would use their powers to protect themselves from every and anybody that would cause them harm.


Stuck up and spirited, her and her sister are cheerleaders...the snobby kind.

Favorite music and pastime:

She likes to listen to N*SYNC, she thinks all the guys are way hot. Her favorite thing to do is flirt with boys and compete with her sister.

A Quote: "Live it, Love it, Learn it" ~Jawbreaker

Special non-mutant talents:

gymnast, which is why she is a cheerleader

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Completely boy crazy.

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